Coalition Ingenu Farewell Party

Coalition Ingenu Farewell Party and Relocation Fundraiser As we near the final months of our 18 year history in Philadelphia, we cordially invite you to attend  a very special event at a very special place — the gated property surrounding the oldest standing residence in Philadelphia: The historic Thomas Wynne estate known as Wynnestay. Live music, […]

Coalition Ingenu

Coalition Ingenu Self Taught Artist’s Collection Dispersal Sale. A comprehensive collection of outsider, visionary, folk and naive art accumulated over the 18 year history of the Coalition Ingenu Self-Taught Artists’ Collective of Philadelphia. Coalition Ingenu is a nonprofit organization promoting artwork by self-taught creative individuals with histories of homelessness,unique mental conditions, or other extraordinary circumstances precluding them from equal […]

Autodidactic Ingenuism

In 1995, Robert Bullock volunteered to help set up an art show for a non-profit organization that helped to provide creative outlets for people with histories of mental illness. After much research, he found a gallery that would agree to host the exhibit under one condition:  everything had to be framed. As he collected the […]

Edward Woltemate, Jr.

Ed Woltemate, Jr., Autodidactic Ingenuism, the Coalition Ingenu Collective of Self-Taught Artists at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” Philip K. Dick  “Edward Woltemate, Jr. creates art that takes you to another world.  His brilliant art has bright colors and out-of-this-world design.  Despite being born a deaf mute, his art […]