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Philiput presents: Calo Rosa – Fiorenza at Philiput at SOSNA on 1901 Washington Ave in Philadelphia.

Calo Rosa – Fiorenza at Philiput at SOSNA, Philadelphia

Liliput is a house that is restructured to become an experimental art gallery, residence and artistic workshop; a multidisciplinary space that opens its doors in Puebla, Mexico. Liliput has exhibited international experimental contemporary art for 6 years now.

Philiput is an extension of Mexico’s Liliput though in Philadelphia, Philiput is a nomad art space currently housed at SOSNA at 1901 Washington Ave.

Soon Calo Rosa will exhibit as well at Liliput in Mexico.  His exhibition at Philiput at SOSNA in Philadelphia, as well as his upcoming exhibition at Liliput Xperimental Gallery in Mexico are both curated by Rebeca Martell and Devin Cohen.

Thank you so much,
Devin Cohen / Rebeca Martell

Exhibition and art: Calo Rosa Curated by
Rebeca Martell and Devin Cohen
Photos: Devin Cohen

PHILIPUT sends an enormous thank you to SOSNA

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