Laura Storck

Laura Storck, writer, photographerLaura Storck, Writer, Photographer, Blogger

Laura Storck is passionately pursuing her love of street photography and photojournalism while earning a Certificate in Digital Photography at the University of the Arts.  She is devoted to documenting her timely discoveries of spot news, street art, mannequins, or the simply bizarre on social media. When she isn’t photographing, Laura can be found spending her free time in art galleries, basement punk shows, the library, or hanging out with her family.




Twitter: @Laura_Storck

DoNArTNeWs Philadelphia Art News Blog posts by Laura Storck

Laura Storck, blogger, photographer

Laura Storck is an award-winning photographer, avid culture vulture and intimately expressive writer about art. Laura’s perspective on the contemporary art scene is spot on with important information, stories and images documenting her experiences in the Philadelphia cultural landscape. – DoN Brewer, DoNArTNeWs Philadelphia Art News Blog

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