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Since 2008 DoNArTNeWs is dedicated to promoting Philadelphia artists, their art and fine crafts, fine art galleries, art clubs and art institutions in a positive, informative and upbeat magazine style blog format.

DoN Brewer is an artist, photographer and writer who blogs about the Philadelphia art scene with an insider’s perspective. By presenting the work of artists, galleries, clubs and museums as accessible, interesting and informative, DoNArTNeWs helps to bring attention and publicity to artists and art venues as important elements to the social fabric of the Philadelphia region. Art is not an elitist luxury but a necessary, integral aspect of everyday life.

DoNArTNeWs is written and photographed by DoN Brewer except where noted. Thank you to contributors who share their photographs with DoNArTNeWs making it possible to create great content for this art blog. Thank you to all the artists who share their wonderful creativity with us making it all worth while.

Thank you to all the readers of DoNArTNeWs for supporting the Philadelphia arts community. Artists contribute so much to the vibrancy of the city, please, buy art and help keep dreams alive.

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