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Jody Pinto’s FingerSpan Bridge, Valley Green, PA

Thursday – Shoshana, DoN, Katy and Doofie walked the path around Valley Green Park; the dogs ran around like puppies through the underbrush and dove into the Wissahickon to cool off and chase ducks.  Walking the trail takes about 2 hours with many beautiful, quiet vistas and Jody Pinto’s Finger Span Bridge with it’s precipitous span and dramatic shape.  Katy runs’s back and forth over the perforated metal bridge but Doofie, DoN‘s adopted St. Bernard/Chihuahua mix, is afraid of heights, preferring to swim around the rock outcrops.  Picturesque Valley Green Inn, a favorite landscape for Philadelphia painters, ends the walk.  Henry Martin has giclee and lithograph prints of the iconic scene for sale on his website, Henry will paint you and your family sitting in the restaurant if you want – more about Henry later.Shoshana on FingerSpan

Shoshana on Jody Pinto’s FingerSpan Bridge in Valley Green Park.

Doofie swimming

Doofie’s afraid of the bridge, so she swims around!

Katy on the Fingerspan

Katy on FingerSpan.FingerSpan

Jody Pinto’s FingerSpan Bridge built 1987.


All photographs by DoNBrewerMultimedia Photography 

Artists & Poets: Image & Word @ The Philadelphia Sketch Club, Enter Digital @ Dirty Frank’s

Sunday afternoon was the opening of Philadelphia Sketch Club‘s Artists and Poets: Image and Word show. The concept of the show is to get painters to create a painting based on a poem and have poets create poems based on paintings and vice versa.  The opening, organized by Richard Beldyk, featured many of the poets reading poems which are displayed along side the paintings.  There are many outstanding paintings and poems by Laura Jean ZitoDon MeyersDoris Peltzman, Pete Quarracino and many more. Reading the poems while viewing the paintings is a rare experience but hearing the poets and other readers perform the works aloud is soul stirring.  DoN‘s painting is based on Henry Martin‘s anti-war rock song “Column of Light” which Henry sang accompanied by his guitar. 

Henry Martin on Forbidden Drive

After Artists and Poets, Shoshka and DoN moseyed on over to Chestnut Hill to videotape a performance in the park by the afore mentioned singer/songwriter Henry Martin.  Without any amplification, Henry rocked out his original compostions which filled the Wissahickon Creek valley with songs of love, unity, peace and a strange little ditty called “Stranded in Albequerque with a Corvair“, with a group of enthusiastic fans cheering him on including artist Charles Cushing, artist Jed Williams, ceramics artist Alyson Bartle (Henry’s wife) and many of Henry’s painting students, Henry sang more than an hours worth of original songs.  The music played until the sun went down and the fire-flys came out, a truly magical time celebrating the Summer Solstice. Watch for announcements of videos on YouTube and MySpace. 

Enter Digital @ Off the Wall Gallery @ Dirty Frank’s Bar

DoN reminds you that the Enter Digital Show is continuing at Dirty Frank’s @ 13th & Pine Streets.  Rick Wright won an award for most avant garde for his cell phone photos.  The gallery is taking orders for prints of varying sizes for all the artists pieces including DoN‘s “light beings (Dora & Pablo)” which previously won first prize in Philadelphia Sketch Club‘s Absolutely Abstract 2007 show, view a video of juror Bill Scott‘s comments on abstract art and DoN‘s winning  piece on YouTube and DoNShOp.

 Enter digital



Bill Scott @ Philadelphia Sketch Club’s Absolutely Abstract 2007 


All photographs and video by DoNBrewerMultimedia 

Karl Olsen @ Philadelphia Java Company

Friday evening Shoshka and DoN attended the opening of Karl Olsen’s art show at Philadelphia Java Company, 518 South 4th Street near South Street.  DoN first became aware of Olsen’s work at a MCOPA show last Fall and since then has come to know him as a fine artist, optimistic art coach and enthusiastic experimenter.  In Philly there is a group of artists always willing to offer a kind word, supportive complement or worldly critique, Karl is one them. Because of this quality many of Olsen’s friends and admirers turned out to view the array of paintings, pastels and linocut prints Olsen has displayed throughout the large space near hip South Street. Now that the mall stores are finally leaving South Street (thank GoD, Micky D’s is finally gone), the punk rock vibe is returning to South Street – definitely more fun, even Dobb’s is reopening, Yay!

Karl Olsen @ Philadelphia Java Company.

Karl Olsen @ Philadelphia Java Company.  

DoN especially enjoys the linocut prints Olsen creates in the studio by literally drawing into linoleum block with a gouge, creating sinuous lines and crisp, bright images when printed on paper.  Olsen has a thoughtful habit – he makes sure he offers copies of the prints he creates to his models as an extra thanks for performing the often difficult job of posing for hours.  Olsen also presented fresh watercolors, unusual mixed media and strong drawings, all beautifully framed and presented on the bare brick walls.Painting by Karl Olsen @ Java.

Painting by Karl Olsen @ Java.

Linocut print by Karl Olsen @ Java.

Linocut print by Karl Olsen @ Java.

Painting by Karl Olsen @ Java.

Painting by Karl Olsen @ Java.

Painting by Karl Olsen @ Java.

Painting by Karl Olsen @ Java.

The crowd at Java for Karl Olsen‘s one man show included photographer Rick Wright, photographer Bonnie Schorske, painter Anders Hanson, singerKelvin Cochran of The Absolute Zero’s with his adorable daughter, Domino who munched on hummus and finger food while the grown-ups sipped wine and admired the art.  Kelvin Cochran advised DoN his rock band will be appearing at Tritone for Tuesday night’s open mic slam.

Art party for Karl Olsen @ Philadelphia Java Company.

Art party for Karl Olsen @ Philadelphia Java Company.


All photographs by DoNBrewerMultimedia Photography  

David Foss @ Smile, Plastic Club Workshop Show…

DoN slowed down this past week and focussed on his own art work and missed a lot of the shows – you know how it is.  Tuesday at the Philadelphia Sketch Club DoN worked with charcoal and chalk to produce one of his best drawings to date.  Saturday, DoN turned in his entry for the Poets and Painters Show at the Philadelphia Sketch Club, a painting based on a song lyric by artist Henry Martin, which opens Sunday 6/22, 1-4PM.  Sunday afternoon, DoN painted in the garden at the Plastic Club with Bob Jackson, Kim, Lynn and about ten others – the subject?  Five lovely models posing in the nude under a tent in the summer sun.  DoN painted on a round canvas he’s carried around for years and listened to Ligetti on his iPod; a beautiful energizing afternoon.

Back to DoNArTNeWs – Friday evening Shoska and DoN attended the opening of David Foss Thought Forms exhibit at Ken Tutjamnong’s Smile Gallery at 105 South 22nd Street near Chestnut.  In a creative burst of energy Foss has changed direction in his art to more texture and form with diagramatic/pictographic ellipses, ovals and squiggles on both large and small surfaces of canvas or wood even sculptural wall hangings of vortex forms, symbols and signs. David and DoN discussed the Theosophist bent of the new works and indeed Foss’ artist statement immediately refers to mark-marking, symbolism and sacred geometry.  Many of Foss’ pieces verged on reiki symbolism – cool.

Artist David Foss @ Smile.

Artist David Foss @ Smile.

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Boy Wonder, Will Power, Dirty Frank’s, Othello…

Boy Wonder

Monday’s at World Cafe Live on Walnut Street is open mic night (no cover charge), art friend Henry Martin was on the bill so Shoshka and DoNarrived early to find a comfortable table with the intention of video taping Henry’s performance. The show is emceed by Boy Wonder with acts ranging from singer/songwriters to rap/hip-hop to jazz groups, folk-rockers and rock bands – the featured group was Philly’s own HEAD who totally rocked the house with a five song set. DoN videotaped two songs and hopes to get permission to share the LoVe because HEAD’s lead singerLexi Greene is HOT and sing’s like an illegal clone of Grace Slick and Alanis Morissette, backed up by keyboardist/singer Tori Ryzner, drummer Ryan Jarrell, Mark Greene on bass and Michael Zimney on guitar the tight rocking songs left DoN’s ears ringing and the crowd cheering. Boy Wonder keeps the show rolling with early acts getting to do three songs, then the HEADliner gets five, then more groups get to do three songs, then back to singers/songwriters who get to perform two, the last few performers get to sing one song. DoN will have some clips of Henry and some of the other performers ready soon.

DoN and Sho felt bad for the two guys who had to follow all the rock bands but they totally took on the challenge with an acoustic guitar and an accordian!?! Ironically, DoN bumped into Patrick Welsh in Rittenhouse Square and found out his group is called The Writers Club and the accordian player hangs out in the Beauty Shop Cafe (DoN knew he looked familiar). DoN congratulated both guys for the gumption to get up and sing while the buzzed crowd talked over their set of Americana/Ghettotech/Folk songs. Hey, this what they call,”paying dues.” Another standout performer was Elle, a sultry, sophisticated Philly girl singer who has a new album coming out – Elle totally dominated the room with her soulful pop songs.

DoN‘s gonna have to get a MySpace page so he can “friend” all this great talent but there was a joke in The New Yorker a while back – “What’s worse than your Dad having a MySpace page? Your Dad’s band having a MySpace page!” Since DoN isn’t a dad or have a band but is a great-uncle of adorable Jaelynn he’s been reticent, but watch for DoN on MySpace soon.

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