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Happy New Year !!!

2008 has been a big year for DoN: co-chair of the Absolutely Abstract committee at The Philadelphia Sketch Club, membership in the Plastic Club and the Da Vinci Art Alliancepaintings, drawings and photos included in shows at Off the Wall Gallery @ Dirty Franks and First Impressions in Salem NJ, a one-person show at The Beauty Shop Cafe, produced videos for Paul DuSold, Henry Martin and the Philadelphia Sketch Club, DoNArTNeWs is part of Culture Pundits and a successful open studio as part of Philadelphia Open Studio Tours.  

DoN Brewer

DoN with his grand-niece Jaelyn in Florida for the holidays. 

DoN has made so many new friends in the art world and is grateful to all who have supported his artistic ambitions.  A new member to DoN‘s family along with Katy the ArT DoG is Doofie the Saint Bernard/Chihuahua mix who came to live with us because GadFly left our plane of existence to pester angels in the afterworld.  It was a difficult decision made quickly to include such a large animal in a tiny row house but Doof has brought so much love and affection to Katy and DoN that all the dog hair is worth it.  In these tough economic times it’s so important to help rescue animals from shelters; KaTy the ArT DoG is a rescue and the love she shares and the protection and safety DoN feels in her company is worth any price.Thanks and LoVe to Shoshana, Aldy, lola, Dee, John, David Foss, Barbara Murray, Mike Guinn, Lilliana Didovic, Karl Olsen, Anders Hansen, Mina Smith-Segal, everyone @ Center for Emerging Visual Artists, Helen & Joe, Debbie, and many others including my family who have whole-heartedly supported DoN throughout the year.

Peace & LoVe


Patricia X 2 @ Da Vinci Art Alliance

Two different artists named Patricia installed a fabulous collection of atmospheric naturalistic paintings by Trish O’Halloran and abstract expressionist works by Pat Burns creating a wonderfully stimulating atmosphere in Da Vinci Art Alliances gallery.  This was not the first time the two Patricias teamed up to put on a show; their palettes, technique and compositions complement and accent each other’s ouvre. 

 Partricias times two

Trish O’Halloran‘s odalisque perfectly complements Pat Burns abstract canvas; the two paintings hanging together vibrate with the intensity of similar color and brushwork.  This grouping is a good example of the point of the show – that abstract and naturalistic art both evoke emotional responses in the viewer.

Partricas times two 

Pat Burns‘ small abstracts at Da Vinci Art Alliance.

Patricia O’Halloran

Trish O’Halloran before one of her paintings at Da Vince Art Alliance’s Particia’s Times Two.  Apologies to Pat Burns, the photo DoN took has you with your eyes closed, my bad. 

Patricia O’Halloran 

Painting by Trish O’Halloran.  O’Halloran teaches art at the Main Line Art Center. 

Rwandan art

 Art by Rwandan artists was also on display and for sale as a fundraiser and consciousness-raiser.  The exuberant paintings are poignant and emotional depicting life in war-torn Africa – there must be something we can do to help?  Da Vinci is selling the works to raise funds to send back to the artists in Rwanda.

The Plastic Club Members Exhibit

The Plastic Club’s annual member’s exhibit brought out the best in the historic art club’s world class creations; from oils, to drawings, to watercolors to digital media, the Plastic Club allows each member to enter two pieces which were then juried and honored with awards.  The receptions at the Plastic Club are always fun and with the new six burner stove in the basement kitchen Bob Jackson’s monthly dinners are extra special. 

Plastic club winners

The Winners of the Plastic Club’s annual Members Exhibit. 

 Plastic Club Members show

Members works at the Plastic Club’s Members Exhibit (that’s DoN‘s oil painting of Bartram’s Garden on the right) 

Plastic Club Members show

Panoramic shot of the Plastic Club’s gallery/studio on the second floor of the historic space. 

Anders Hansen

Watercolor by Anders Hansen @ Plastic Club Members exhibit. 

Plastic Club Members show

The Plastic Club offers free membership to several student artists each year.  John Baccile, an undergrad at the University of the Arts, won first prize for one of his digital compositions (not this one).  The digital collages are printed on canvas and truly stood out from the crowd with vivid color, original compositions and masterful computer manipulation.  UArts is DoN‘s alma mater, it’s gratifying to see wonderful new talent continuing to thrive on the Avenue of the Arts. 

Plastic Club Members show 

Plastic Club’s members exhibit (that’s another one of DoN‘s painting upper right). 

Legacy Show & Sale @ The Philadelphia Sketch Club

The Legacy Show & Sale at the Philadelphia Sketch Club is a fundraiser with club members donating art for the show.  Ostensibly the idea is for artists to unload some of their stock but DoN felt the tension of competition with each of the contributing artists donating work that somehow epitomizes their own particular style. legacy show 

Art by Lois Schlacter, Dorothy Roschen, DoN and others @ the Legacy Show @ PSC. 

mcDonnel & Cortosi

McDonnell/Cortosi @ PSC Legacy Show.  The dynamic duo are showing @ Rodger Lapelle Galleries as well.

Dorothy Roschen

Dorothy Roschen @ PSC Legacy Show.


 Michael George Jerista @ PSC Legacy.


Hobo Orona @ The Beauty Shop Cafe

The Beauty Shop Café consistently displays forward thinking art, curator Jon has transformed this formerly dingy corner to a really nice hangout for locals.  The recent art opening for hobo orona, two art girls going to PAFA, each with their own distinct point of view, is quirky and deep.  The happening was fun and thoughtful, bringing out friends and neighbors to hear a local musician (whose name escapes me – I’ll get it soon.) The journals by Jamie with the repurposed book covers with lovely papers inside are cleverly displayed.  Her mom told me how a potential customer asked her to create wedding invitations from the pages of a love story, sadly the project was too big but is a wonderful meme.  The drawings and collages by Tate O are clever and thoughtful.

beauty shop

Jamie’s journals with repurposed book covers. 

beauty shop 2 


beauty shop 3

Paper cutout with collage – cool. 

beauty shop 4 

Art party @ The Beauty Shop Cafe for “hobo orona”.