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DoN ArT NeWs: The Plastic Club, Hopkins House Gallery & Art Ability

 Amy, Amy, Amy, DoN Brewer @ The Plastic Club

Amy, Amy, Amy, DoN Brewer @ The Plastic Club

Hello my Little DoNsters, DoN is always surprised and amazed when he is invited to participate in an art event, the excitement and preparation is engrossing and involving attempting to produce objects worthy of being called art.  The Plastic Club always strikes a creative chord for DoN, with the upcoming Member’s Choice show for August creating an opportunity to show new work in a welcoming, inclusive group show of like-minded artists.  DoN submitted two new pieces, Iris of the Storm, a shot of the remnants of the tragic Mid-West tornadoes passing over Philadelphia that gave us green sunlight and scarey scudding clouds and Amy, Amy Amy, an abstract landscape photograph of a dim light glowing against a stuccoed wall layered with attempts to cover up graffiti tags.  DoN listened to Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black back to back on his iPod for months, the music incorporating all his favorite genres mashed together into fabulous pop, her passing a sad reminder to live for today.

Heliotrope, DoN Brewer @ Hopkins House Gallery

Heliotrope, DoN Brewer @ Hopkins House Gallery.

DoN received an awesome invitation to exhibit at the prestigious Hopkins House Gallery on the beautiful Cooper River in Camden NJ.  DoN got the message from director Bruce Garrity through a Facebook instant message, he will be showing Abstract Landscape Photographs in an upstairs room in the historic space.  One of DoN‘s first art shows (many moons ago) was at Hopkins House; to be able to curate his own space in a gallery is DoN‘s dream come true.  The show opens Saturday, August 13th, DoN will post reception info soon.

The same day DoN received the Hopkins House confirmation he received this email, “Dear artist, If you are receiving this email, congratulations – you have had one, or more, pieces of artwork accepted into Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital’s 2011 Art Ability exhibition. The decisions were extremely difficult this year as the show has grown immensely from year to year. We had more than 300 artists send over 1,330 submissions! We have narrowed that down to the best of the best, and only accepted approx. 350 submissions from nearly 200 artists.

A formal acceptance package (noting which pieces were chosen) will arriving at your home via the U.S Post Office in the next week. The package will include all required forms, dates, information that you will need in preparation for the exhibit opening Nov. 5th.  Thank you for sharing your work with us and for participating in our exhibit. Your participation makes this exhibit the largest of its kind in the nation.




Heather Zoumas-Lubeski

Director, Community Outreach & Special Events

Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital – Main Line Health

414 Paoli Pike

Malvern, PA 19355

(484) 596-5607 NEW

Cool, huh?  Although, this year’s acceptance into the final cut of the prestigious international art event is bitter sweet since best friend Arnie Segal has recently transmogrified into a light being.  Arnie’s magical sculptures and his endearing personality will be sorely missed at this year’s party.  Arnie Segal introduced DoN into the world of art opportunities for disabled people including the fabulous Art Ability show, Very Special Artists @ Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and ArtFirst @ Princeton University Medical CenterDoN urges you to support the tremendous effort the team at Bryn Mawr Rehab puts into this expansive exhibit of art created by people facing personal challenges finding happiness, solace and a voice through the making of art.

light being (Lorraine & Charles), DoN Brewer @ Art Ability this Fall, 2011.

light being (Lorraine & Charles), DoN Brewer @ Art Ability this Fall, 2011.  This image is an update to my original post, DoN received the info today and this is the image the jury choose; DoN is very happy from an artistic standpoint and emotionally because Aunt Lorraine and Uncle Charles loved DoN unconditionally (8/11/11).

Art by DoN.

ArtFirst @ University of Princeton Medical Center


Tiffany Wallops the Drome” by Bridgette Riversmith won an honorable mention award; DoN LoVeS the idea of whacking a monster with a frying pan, demonstrating the strength, fearlessness and determination of people living with disabilities.

ArtFirst is an artshow in it’s 7th year, developed with the intention of promoting artists living and working with disabilites; the show in the University of Princeton Medical Center was well attended by patrons resulting in sales and support for talented artists using art to express themselves whether they have to paint holding a brush with their mouth, reach out from a wheelchair or struggle with pain. The term disabled seems to be a misnomer when the quality of the art stands on it’s own – DoN is honored to be included in this outstanding cadre of talented artists.


Musician Adam Parker-Lavine entertained the crowd with beautiful, unobtrusive music -if you need a musician for an event, this artist has a wide repertoire sure to entertain your guests.

The ArtFirst team put together an outstanding party, drawing patrons to the medical center to enjoy an open bar, fabulous food and dedicated volunteers who helped to make sure that the art sells.


Philadelphia artist Clifton Anderson’s still life paintings are brilliantly colored, expertly painted and visually captivating. Clif is an art teacher in Philly, a member of the Philadelphia Sketch Club and a cello player with the Jefferson orchestra – this is one brilliant artist who doesn’t let a wheelchair keep him from doing anything. DoN was so pleased to see a friend at the show and to hear that he was explaining to patron’s that DoN‘s photos are award-winners, surely helping to make some sales. Thanks, Clif!


Elayna Alexandra is a self taught artist working in digital media; her work incorporates drawings, photographs, digital manipulation and her own x-rays. Elayna won 2nd prize; DoN is inspired by her mixed media works and her willingness to expose the inner beauty of a disabling physical problem. The two of us kept high-fiving as sales, prizes and compliments came our way.

Girl with a Mirror“, sculpture by Arnie Segal. DoN & Arnie are developing a website for Philadelphia area artists with disabilities called NUVISIONS for Disabled Artists. Arnie encouraged DoN to participate in the show; it’s difficult to “out” oneself as a disabled person but this show is such high quality, so well managed and supported by kind and understanding leaders and patrons, it’s easier to deal with the stigma and continue to create art.


Etching, “Each to it’s Own Kind” by Michael Jameson.

DoN chatted with a patron about the symbiotic relationship between crows & wolves, how they are totem animals and work together to find food. DoN advised her to buy it; at first she said she couldn’t afford it but all of a sudden she decided she couldn’t leave without this fine, expressive etching. The first rule of sales? Ask for the sale!


DoN Brewer’s “light beings (Dora & Pablo), light being (Leo Seeger) & light being (Barbara Gittings)” @ ArtFirst, University of Princeton Medical Center.