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Daniel Gerwin

Daniel Gerwin, Center for Emerging Visual Artists at the Galleries at Moore

Daniel Gerwin, Orpheus’ Mistake, acrylic on found framed mirror, 28″ x 17.5″, 2011, Center for Emerging Visual Artists at the Galleries at Moore (photo from the West Collects website – vote for Daniel Gerwin)

DoN met Daniel Gerwin at the Center for Emerging Visual Artists Introduction 2012 new Fellows reception at the Galleries at Moore.  “Title Magazine is the title of a new on-line, visual arts magazine based in Philadelphia.  We launched in August.”  DoN asked what platform the magazine is based on?  Tumblr?  “It’s on WordPress, I’m not the technical guy, I’m into the editing and all that side of it, getting writers and whatever.  We have someone else who’s a very good graphic designer and she does everything.  All the WordPress work.  I can’t, I don’t know anything about it.”, he said laughing.  DoN added a link to Title Magazine in the DoNArTNeWs blogroll.

Daniel’s work employs tromp l’oeil in a new way, painting on wood and mirrors, DoN is reminded of the painting style of Gerhard Richter the way the paint is smeared yet presents a naturalistic expression, “When you look at it, it’s immediately clear that it’s paint.  The other piece that I have is a shaped painting.”  DoN was mesmerized by the optical illusion of the painting, it switches back and forth from wood parquet to abstract painting.  “The tromp l’oeil, I’m interested in, the whole idea of an illusion, that is subverting itself and actually calling your attention back to what’s real about it, it’s reality of the actual paint in front of you.  But I’m also interested in the whole idea of, like the first thing you said about parquet flooring, the domestic space and the way we inhabit our space.  And then I sort of have the thought that the way, as we live in a space over time, we actually come to haunt that space ourselves.  And then it haunts us back.”

“It’s that integration between us and the place that we live.  My studio is in my own home, I work in my home so that idea of a presence is interesting to me.  The other thing that is on my mind with these mirrors is there’s a tradition in the Jewish religion, which is how I was raised, when somebody in your family dies you cover the mirrors.  My mother died in 2009, so there’s something of that that is still part of my work and there’s that aspect that I’m thinking about and it also has to do with when you, because there’s bits or mirror that you look between, you do catch glimpses of yourself.  There is both the sense of self-voyeurism and a further extension of the mystery of representation, you’re there but you’re sort of not quite there.  But that there is a division brought by the paint between our world and the other side.  So that connects back to me through those traditions.”

The Center for Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA), in cooperation with Moore College of Art & Design, presents an exhibition by the new Career Development Program Fellows. A highly selective fellowship with only a 2% acceptance rate, these six artists represent some of the most promising talent among emerging artists in the region:  Leslie Friedman, Daniel Gerwin, Rebecca Gilbert, Kay Healy, Heechan Kim, and Johanna Inman.

Introduction 2012

February 1 – February 25, 2012

Widener Memorial Foundation Gallery

Johanna Inman

Leslie Friedman

Rebecca Gilbert

Kay Healy

Heechan Kim

Circumstantial Assembly / CFEVA at Moore 

Introduction 2011

DoNArTNeWs Philadelphia Art News Blog

Photographs by DoN

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Laurentiu Todie, The One @ Art Ability Bryn Mawr Rehab Center

Laurentiu Todie, The One @ Art Ability Bryn Mawr Rehab Center

Laurentiu Todie, The One @ Art Ability Bryn Mawr Rehab Center, Malvern, PA.

DoNArTNeWs finally appears on page one in Google for the search term “Philadelphia art blogs“, thank you very much!   DoN has written more than four hundred reviews, interviews and promotions about the Philadelphia regional art scene for DoNArTNeWs.  The most frequently accessed pages include the term “Philadelphia art” in the web site statistics, “art” is the number one search term.  Philadelphia art is a search term that thousands of people are investigating because the Philly art scene is, as Mayor Michael Nutter stated at the West Collects press conference, “Strong!”  Great art has become synonymous with Philadelphia because of the high end cultural institutions like PMA and the innovative neighborhood artist enclaves, clubs, alliances and collectives that pervade the city and the region, creating an amorphous idea of what is Philadelphia art?  Is it the great art speak that PAFA teaches it’s students?  Is it the gritty allure of Fishtown, Northern Liberties or Germantown and the satisfaction of getting in early on something bohemian, eclectic, outrageous or controversial?  Is Philadelphia really the sixth borough of NYC?

Art is strong and vibrant in Philadelphia with wonderful resources but DoN has heard institutional leaders say the majority of public dollars get directed to the top tier while smaller groups compete for shrinking grant money and must endure its grueling paperwork.  Rachel Zimmerman of InLiquid, one of the oldest artist profile websites of its kind in Philadelphia, told DoN this past Summer that artists have three jobs: making art, selling art and the job to pay for buying art materials.  Artist Gregory Prestegord told DoN there are more like seven jobs to get to what he calls “a state of meditation“, the time he actually gets to spend making art, a broad circle of activities, many unrelated to art production, must happen to get to the moment of meditation when art appears out of seemingly nowhere. Art and the creative economy is enormous in Philadelphia, the competition for money is daunting, yet artists keep pushing against the obstacles and work hard to be known as a Philadelphia Artist, the second most popular search term for DoNArTNeWs‘ Philadelphia art blog.

Search Philadelphia art, who knows what you might discover?

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West Collection of Contemporary Art Prize Smart Phone App for People’s Choice Award Now Available for Download on iTunes

Download the West Collects Smart Phone App, available on iTunes.  DoN Brewer is grateful for the opportunity to present his photography for consideration for the prestigious and unique art collection, please vote for DoN and all your Philly favorite artists.  DoNArTNeWs and Philly.SideArts were first to report the announcement of a $100K award set aside for purchase of artwork by Philadelphia artists – we literally had Mayor Nutter’s speech on YouTube within hours.  DoN highly recommends Philadelphia artists take the time to enter their artwork at the West Collection website, it’s free and easy and they offer great tech support.

Out of Africa, digital photo, West Collection entry, DoN Brewer, ©2011

Out of Africa, digital photograph, DoN Brewer  ©2011, one of ten West Collects entries available to vote for on the Smart Phone App.

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West Collects Prize – Q & A with Paige West, Gary Steuer and Les Stoetzel @ Philadelphia City Hall

Paige West, Founder and Curator of West Collection of Contemporary Art, Les Stoetzel, Director of West Collection and Gary Steuer, Chief Cultural Officer, City of Philadelphia Office of Arts, Culture & the Creative Economy answer questions about the expanded West Collects Prize after Mayor Michael Nutter‘s announcement at Philadelphia City Hall.  West Collects has increased their budget and is dedicating $100,000.00 to collect art from Philadelphia artists to be exhibited in the gallery and halls at Philadelphia City Hall for six months next year.

Video by DoN Brewer