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Likeable Art @ City Hall.

Likeable Art

DoN then scrambled over to City Hall to catch the opening of Likeable Art on floors 2 and 4. DoN believes all art is likeable – even the stuff others find distasteful – but the curators took to heart that some folks like art to be pretty, accessible and understandable. The exhibit consists of glass display cases with art arranged in themes: beach scenes, still life, babies, animals, butterflies, even abstract paintings and sculpture (in pretty colors). DoN was introduced to Juror and chair of the exhibitions committee, Cavin Jones, who explained that the process of choosing works was different than usual. ForLikeable Art there were four jurors who all had to agree on which works made it into the show; appropriately a group decision usually is the correct one since it combines the thought processes of multiple minds – kind of like on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire when the audience choice is usually the correct one. DoN asked Cavin an inappropriate question, “Which is your favorite?” – Cavin responded that the seaside amusement park scenes by Alice Dustin were images he insisted on including. Art in City Hall literally has thousands of viewers, especially on the fourth floor, and there is no commission so the artist receives 100% of the sale price. But Jones explained that sales are few – so here’s a shout-out to collectors – go to City Hall and support your local artists!!! Buy a painting, start a collection, bring your friends, brag about the deal you got and help keep arts alive in Philly.

Arthur Ostroff @ Likable Art in City Hall.

Arthur Ostroff @ Likable Art in City Hall.

Abstract art @ Likeable Art @ Art in City Hall show.

Abstract art @ Likeable Art @ Art in City Hall show.

Still Life

Still life painting @ Likeable Art in City Hall. DoN will verify the artist and give credit where credit is due – if you know who this artist is write to me.

Linoleum block print by Eileen Eckstein @ Likeable Art.

Linoleum block print by Eileen Eckstein @ Likeable Art.

Many of DoN‘s friends are included in the show including Ed Bronstein, Dale Levy, Ona Kalstein, unfortunately the pictures DoN took are blurry – take some time and go see for yourself the fine work these Philly artists have to offer.

Mel Brake, Poet @ The Enclaves

DoN finally found time edit video footage from recent events, new on YouTube is Mel Brake @ The Enclaves Gallery, Philadelphia, May 21, 2008.  The art on the wall behind Mel are painted by Davinci Art Alliance artists, Lilliana Didovic and David Foss.  DoN will be posting more videos of recent art/poetry events in upcoming DoNArTNeWs.     

Poet Mel Brake @ The Enclaves Gallery, 5/21/08 

Video by DoNBrewerMultimedia Video. 

Relics @ CFEVA


The Center for Emerging Visual Artists new show is “Relics“, archival digital photography by Drexel Alumni Michael Froio.  Remember the Civic Center?  How about the Board of Education Building? Divine Lorraine?  Froio managed to gain access to all these Philadelphia Relics and more, either by lurking outside the hulking remains or talking his way inside by schmoozing the demolition contractors with food. What nerve?  But the results are magnetic, thrilling and inspiring yet emotional with the loss of familiar scenes.  DoN did not take any pictures of the pictures – there’s something weird about photographing photographs – but there are many memorable scenes which are sure to resonate with visitors to the chic CFEVA gallery in the Barclay on Rittenhouse Square.  For example: the interior of the chapel at The Divine Lorraine Hotel depicting peeling wallpaper transforming the word “GOD” into “GOO“, a rare interior view of the dome of Memorial Hall which is being renovated into the Please Touch Museum, the stage of the Civic Center with a movie screen still hanging yet no roof which reminded DoN of the first time he inhaled a cigarette at a Mamas & Papas concert, the grid-like scaffolding in the Board of Education building looking like a Nevelson installation…  Froio explained to DoN how the Mazzochi Wrecking Companyhoisted him up in a bucket attached to a crane to get shots of the Civic Center – a project he began in 2005 with Keating Constructions blessings (as long as he wore a hard hat and boots).  For the Board of Education Building, Michael was hanging out on the sidewalk when a side door opened and a guard wanted to know why he was loitering – Froio ended up getting a private tour of the elaborate interior (sans camera) before renovations began to transform the building into condos.  Froio later gained access and preserved the elegant decay forever.  

Michael Froio

Photographer, Michael Froio with wife Kelly @ CFEVA “Relics”.


New CFEVA president, Holly Lentz-Kleeman with director Amie Potsic @ “Relics” opening.

Art Party @ CFEVA for Michael Froio

Art Party @ CFEVA for Michael Froio’s “Relics” opening.


All photos by DoNBrewerMultimedia Photography.