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Brett Taylor @ The Plastic Club

Artist Brett Taylor died at age 40 in 1983 but left behind an extraordinary collection of paintings incorporating abstraction, representationalism and writing which feel so fresh and new they could have been produced yesterday.  Taylor’s family and friends are assuring he will never be forgotten by presenting exhibitions like the one currently on view at The Plastic Club.  DoN felt so honored to work in the upstairs studio surrounded by the stunningly original works which seem so prescient and contemporary, it felt as if everyone in the workshop were trying to improve their game just to compete with the masterful artworks on display.

Brett Taylor @ The Plastic Club

Brett Taylor @ The Plastic Club

Brett Taylor @ The Plastic Club

Brett Taylor @ The Plastic Club


Absolutely Abstract @ PSC

DoN is co-chair of the Absolutely Abstract show November 7 – 30, 2008,  at the Philadelphia Sketch Club, prospectus’ have been mailed, you can download one hereDoN designed the art card with the help of committee chair Deb Riccardi and PSC’s Barbara Murray.

Absolutely Abstract

Absolutely Abstract 

Girard DiFalco & Sallie Ann Glassman @ The Enclaves

The Enclaves is a cool art space that’s been tapping into the talent pool of DaVinci Art Alliance members.  Debra Leigh Scott contacted David Foss of DaVinci to inquire about art that would portray a new spirituality perspective and was offered thirty or more portfolios to puruse.  Debra visited Girard DiFalco‘s studio and chose a mystically groovy collection of pop-art ecclesiastical paintings imbued with symbolism, saturated with rich color and contemporary, almost futuristic, images of religious icons.  Paired with Sallie Ann Glassman‘s dreamscapes, with scary narratives of running in your sleep naked and deep south impressionism, the show is nervy and hard edged.  DoN likes the Enclaves, the parties are always cool, the locale is colorful and imaginative and Debra really works hard to promote the artists.  DoN says drive like a bat out of hell out to Penrose Ave., parking is easy and secure and the warm daylight of the gallery is perfect for viewing the colorful spooky creations, Halloween is coming.Girard DiFalco

Girard Di Falco @ The Enclaves.  Photo DaVinci Art Alliance newsletter. 

David Guinn Mural Dedication @ 47th & Baltimore Ave.

David Guinn

Muralist, David Guinn recently completed dual murals at 47th and Baltimore Ave. in West Philly. The twin tableau’s depict a vibrant, emerging neighborhood populated with hard-working Philadelphians, charming craftsman style architecture, diverse business’ and warm family life. Quinn captures the vibe of the ‘hood including many of the personalities with strong mark-making, assured coloration and thoughtful consideration of the context of his assignment. Quinn’s mural does not ghetto-ize the empty lot, formally a movie theater, it brings real art with references to Breugel, Hockney, and Rockwell to the street accomplishing a daunting task of satisfying many opinions and staying true to his art.  DoN videotaped the ceremony and hopes to have a clip online soon.

David Quinn’s mural @ 47th & Baltimore.

David Quinn‘s mural @ 47th & Baltimore.

Detail of mural by David Guinn.

Detail of mural by David Guinn.

David Guinn @ the dedication to his dual murals.

David Guinn @ the dedication to his dual murals.  All David Quinn mural photos by Alden Cole. 

Philadelphia Open Studio Tours Opening Night Gala @ The Institute of Contemporary Art

Go to DoN‘s YouTube page, DoNNieBeat, to see a short video clip of the evening.  It was really a fun night in West Philly; Shoshana and DoN dressed up and mingled with the crowd of artists while video projectors displayed examples of many of the POST artists works, an efficient way to honor the artists in the prestigious art museum.Last weekend was the West of Broad Street Philadelphia Open Studio ToursDoN exhibited new drawings, photographs, paintings and video with a special display of NTPE 1 & 4 prints.  NTPE = Newstoday Print Exchange.  Newstoday, now is a website dedicated to mostly multimedia and graphic designers who exchange ideas, chat and help each other.  The Friday Photoshop Battles are hysterical.  For NTPE, artists and designers send a print to people on a list and each then sends one to you. DoN participated in the first event and the most recent, fourth, exchange.  NTPE is a wonderful experiment in trust, commitment, ingenuity and style with each artist doing their best to impress even the most jaded fellow designer.