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Philadelphia Sketch Club’s Historical Marker & Breckenridge Unveiling

PSC Historical Marker

Members of the Breckenridge and Wagner families at the unveilng of the Historical Marker at the Philadelphia Sketch Club, the oldest art club in America.  The Breckenridge family donated an important painting of the family matriarch to the Philadelphia Sketch Club that was found folded up in the bottom of a trunk.  The painting has been meticulously restored by the prestigious Newman Gallery and is on display in the meeting room. 

Hugh Henry Breckenridge painting @ PSC



Photography 2008 @ PSC


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Photographer Lee Muslin @ Photography 2008.

The photography show @ PSC is always great but DoN was struck by the homogeneous nature of the show, all the works seemed to be about the same size and color pallette allowing more work to be exhibited but DoN prefers larger imagery permitting a more encompassing experience.

Photography 2008 @ PSC

Visitors checking out the Photography 2008 show @ PSC which ran through 10/26/2008.

Beneath the Din

A collaborative exhibit by Michael Sweeney and Danielle Thierry @ Da Vinci Art Alliance.Mike Sweeney

Mike Sweeney’s “Conscious/Subconscious” @ Da Vinci Art Alliance.  At first glance the image appears to be a sculpture but it’s actually a mixed media installation with Sweeney swathed in white sitting in a cardboard apse. Sweeney tells DoN, “The tree represents the subconscious and the figure the conscious.”  The show ran through 10/26.Mike Sweeney

Mike Sweeney @ The Da Vinci Art Alliance.

Lilliana Didovic & Shoshana Aron @ Da Vinci

Art Party @ Da Vinci Art Alliance.

Mike Sweeney

DoN LoVeS this piece by Mike Sweeney, “Lichen 2” an 8″ x 10″ photo.  DoN recalled the photo from Mike’s show @ Smile but did not get to write about it then or for his last DoNArTNeWsLetter; the photo of green moss is perfectly complemented by the appropriate mat color and lustrous gold frame.  Sweeney’s show @ Da Vinci was a wonderful combo of paintings, photography and mixed media, hopefully we’ll see more of this talented artist in the near future.  Stripping away the extraneous put against nature Sweeney allows us to see the stark contrast of our own minds. 

Muralist Jon Laidacker @ 915 Spring Garden

Jon Laidacker

Artist Jon Laidacker in his studio.   Sunday, 10/19 @ 2:00 the new mural by Laidacker was dedicated at 17th & Snyder called Behold, the Open Door based on Raphael’s School of Athens.  Shoshka, Alden and DoN visited Jon & Andra in his studio @ 915 Spring Garden while taking a break from Charles Cushing’s Tango after-party during the POST/East weekend.  Jon includes characters from the neighborhood in the massive works and works closely with the community to produce appropriate imagery with history and style.  DoN will post a report on the dedication ceremony soon.

Jon Laidacker

 That’s Jon Laidacker in the upper left working on a mural – WoW! 

Brett Taylor @ The Plastic Club

Artist Brett Taylor died at age 40 in 1983 but left behind an extraordinary collection of paintings incorporating abstraction, representationalism and writing which feel so fresh and new they could have been produced yesterday.  Taylor’s family and friends are assuring he will never be forgotten by presenting exhibitions like the one currently on view at The Plastic Club.  DoN felt so honored to work in the upstairs studio surrounded by the stunningly original works which seem so prescient and contemporary, it felt as if everyone in the workshop were trying to improve their game just to compete with the masterful artworks on display.

Brett Taylor @ The Plastic Club

Brett Taylor @ The Plastic Club

Brett Taylor @ The Plastic Club

Brett Taylor @ The Plastic Club