Daily Archives: January 11, 2009

Tales of the Beginning @ CFEVA

The Center for Emerging Visual Artists continues to match up artists with complementary sensibilities as with the current exhibit Tales of the Beginning featuring Julia Blaukopf and Elizabeth Crisman.  Each artist uses photographic techniques in intense and intriguing methodologies which exude mystery,  artistry and skill.  Beth Crisman’s The Fossil Series are based on actual x-rays which she digitally photographed on a light table then printed on six foot high fabric panels in rich inky black.  Crisman is interested in representing future fossils and how bits of information are usually all an archeologist would find at a dig; one panel only depicts a single tooth.  Beth told DoN that teeth are often the only things found at a dig and the scientist must extrapolate information from minimal resources. Even today dental records are used to resolve mysteries which may otherwise go unsolved.

Beth Crisman

Elizabeth Crisman‘s The Fossil Series @ CFEVA. 

Julia Blaukopf

Julia Blaukopf‘s Cape Girl @ CFEVA.

Blaukopf surprised DoN when she explained that the astonishing images were not created in Photoshop but in the wet darkroom by photographing and re-photographing the images then having the resulting compositions printed on fabric. DoN was particularly impressed by the decision to hang the fabric from wood branches giving the images a feel of naturalness despite the obvious amount of technical work going into each collaged image.  The exhibit is open through 1/15 at the beautiful Felicity R. “Bebe” Benoliel Gallery in the Barclay building on Rittenhouse Square.

 Julia Blaukopf 

Julia Blaukopf’s Melody Maker, Gifty 2’x2′ and Melody of Place, Gifty, 2’x2′, photographic collages printed on fabric hanging from tree branches.

The art parties at CFEVA are always fun and fascinating with fine wine and tasty treats; DoN was happy to see Donald Carter, Jean-Paul, Bob Wallner, Brooke Hine, Faith Corman, Andrew Pirie, Holly Kleeman (CFEVA director), Charlene Nolten (office manager) and Robert Smith (development director).