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Women’s Creative Alliance @ Zeidler Gallery

Catherine Zeidler’s eponymous gallery at 2207 South Street has become the Women’s Creative Alliance featuring the art of Philadelphia area women.  The current exhibit features 3D work by Dorothy Roschen, jewelry by Barb Baur as well as pastels and paintings by Patricia Woodruff.  The theme throughout the show is how spirituality is filtered through the creative arts.  Roschen, who taught art in high school for many years, creates mysterious sculptures of glass, clay and objet trouve suitable sitting on a table or hanging on the wall.  Dorothy develops designs exploring positive and negative space, hard and soft surface and translucence vs. solidity. 

Woodruff’s drawings and paintings depict sprites, spirits, fairies and gods of old in fluid, sensuous lines and serious color, her high school friend Barb Bauer creates designs reminiscent of Lord of the Rings or Celtic knots in silver.  Both Woodruff and Bauer enjoy spending time in Floyd, VA, and a vibrant arts community enabling them both to find expression through the sense of community and variety of artists who migrate there.  Bauer has begun experimenting with hard metals such as steel and is developing a series of pennular brooches appropriate for clasping an ancient cloak or a modern scarf.

The art party Friday evening brought out a good crowd even though it was only 19 degrees outside but with warmth and friendship found inside this great art space on South Street.

 Dorothy Roschen

Wall sculpture by Dorothy Roschen @ WCA. 

 Dorothy Roschen 

Dorothy Roschen @ WCA. 

Dorothy Roschen 

Dorothy Roschen @ WCA. 

Patricia Woodruff 

Silver jewelry by Barb Baur. 

Barb Bauer

Thought and Memory“, pastel by Patricia Woodruff depicts Odin with his ravens.

 Barb Bauer  

“Gentle Thoughts” by Patricia Woodruff

Works on Paper @ The Philadelphia Sketch Club

Works on Paper 2009 at The Philadelphia Sketch Club features 105 artworks ranging from photorealistic paintings to abstract expressionist collage to drawings and more – the range of works selected by jurors William David Brown and Keith Moutford is a composite view of the excellent art created by Philadelphia’s best artists.  Works on Paper is a difficult show to get into since it’s one of the most popular shows the club exhibits, in fact this year there were so many strong pieces that a Salon des Refuse was installed in the downstairs pool room.  Exhibition Chairman Rich Harrington, a professor at Moore College of Art, worked closely with the jurors to present a show that is popular, controversial and exciting.  James Toogood, a most excellent watercolorist, won the top two prizes for his astonishingly realistic paintings. 

Works on Paper is on display through January 24th, you’ll find DoN Brewer’s charcoal drawing in the Salon des Refuse, along with Alden Cole, Ben Cohen, Linda Dubin Garfield and many, many more.


Arlene Arons, Anywhere but Here, mixed media collage. 

Works on Paper @ The Philadelphia Sketch Club

Kyle Margiotta, Southport Inlet, watercolor.


Anthony Cortosi, Iris, spray paint. 


Works on Paper award winners @ The Philadelphia Sketch Club. 

panoramic shot of Works on Paper panoramic shot of Works on Paper 

Through My Window @ Smile

“Through My Window” at Smile Gallery @ 22nd & Chestnut Streets is a concept show involving repurposing old window frames donated by Lantern Theater Company’s Charles McMahon.  Member artists of Da Vinci Art Alliance were asked to take a window and create a work of art instead of the frames ending up in a dump.  Each artist presented art as diverse as drawings, paintings, photos, weaving and collage, creating a conundrum for jurors Brenda and Matt Lyons.  Each piece is desirable and delightful in they’re own right: Betsy Alexander based her composition on science fiction, Burnell Yow! created an homage to Buddha, Mike Sweeny dressed his frame in gold and silver communicating a comment on America’s current economic situation, Alden Cole’s ethereal painting draws the viewer into the spiritual realm, Girard DiFalco’s photograph of a tree is simple and serene, DoN Brewer recreated the view from the apartment he rented in Paris, Ona Kalstein based her mixed media piece on the fable of the ant and the cicada and Lilliana Didovic designed a mixed media work depicting Philly’s famous Boat House Row using, of all things. Swarovski Crystals. 

Other artists in the show include Bobbie Adams, Kim Alsbrook, Rachel Citrino, Carl Johnson, Ted Warchal, Nicole Koenitzer, Rikard Larma, Gail Kotel, Tim McKenna, Lee Muslin, Liz Niklus, Michelle Post, Gavid Carrow and Carol Wisker. 

McConnell Cortosi

Karen McDonnell and Anthony Cortosi’s “Old Woman Looking Out the Window“.  The duo currently have work on display at Rodger Lapelle Gallery in Old City through Feb.1, 2009.

Alden Cole

Alden Cole @ Smile.  Cole is included in a Dumpster Diver show at New Jersey’s Noyes Museum.

Mike Sweeney

Mike Sweeney‘s award winner @ Smile’s “Through My Window.” 

Burnell Yow!

Burnell Yow!‘s award winning composition will allow him to be part of a group show @ Smile in January 2010 – get to work Burnell!! 

Betsy Alexander 

Betsy Alexander‘s sci-fi inspired mixed media collage was a hit with the crowd creating a vibrant conversation about everyone’s fantasy favorites.  Betsy’s home was recently featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Design section, you can read the story here.  Betsy is also the mom of the famous Nora the Piano Playing Cat – check out Nora’s latest videos on YouTube.

Kathryn Pannepacker 

Kathryn Pannepacker’s simple yet elegant mixed media piece incorporates weaving.  Pannepacker recently completed an amazing mural @ Broad and Lehigh Streets depicting textile styles of the world for the Mural Arts Program.

 Don Brewer

DoN Brewer’s “Vue de la Rue Rambuteau, Paris“, colored pencil on paper at Smile Gallery.  

“Through My Window” is on display through February 7th, 2009 and by the by Smile’s Thai food restaurant is probably the best in the city – BYOB and stay a while.