Daily Archives: May 23, 2009

Alden Cole – Luminaries



To all those who understand my obsession with the LightTro color changing bulb which I have been using for the past 4 years, both here at 717 Federal, and in many luminaries sold over the past 5 years – somewhere around 280 of those bulbs have passed through my hands since 2004, when Betsy introduced me to them – I am devastated. Phillips Color Kinetics, the maker of LightTro, DISCONTINUED making them (some time ago, as I found out this morning). And the distributor has only 36 left. I’m the second one in line for those last 36. And I have one unopened package left of these bulbs, up at the South Street Gallery. Auction time?


Oh well, end of an era in my output. Hold onto your bulbs. They can last a long long time. Seriously, it’s a shame that such a beautiful GREEN item should be discontinued. Perhaps it will nudge me out of the luminary business and back into painting. Those bulbs were as good as it gets in terms of night lighting. On to the next phase…


Alden Cole