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DoN Brewer – Philadelphia Open Studio Tours 2009

DoN Brewer & Arthur OstroffDoN Brewer with artist Arthur Ostroff @ DoNBrewerMultimedia, POST – X, 2009.

Mina Smith-Segal


Artist, Mina Smith-Segal checking out DoN’s central command post.  Mina leads the studio workshops at the Philadelphia Sketch Club.


Clif AndersonArtist, Clif Anderson visited DoN‘s open studio with his lovely wife Henny.  Clif is a terrific musician and artist, his work will be on display at Bryn Mawr Rehab Center’s annual exhibit, Art Ability fearturing work by artists from around the world – opening 11/7/2009.

POST 2009

Neighbor Melody, DoN & artist/framer/teacher Rob Stauffer @ DonBrewerMultimedia POST-X 2009.

POST 2009

Photographer, Morris Klein @ DoN‘s POST open house.  Klein is VP of The Photographic Society of Philadelphia.

Saturday afternoon, DoN hosted more than 25 visitors to his studio – art dogs KaTy & Doofie (the St. Bernard/Chihuahua mix)  guarded the gate and made sure all visitors are dog lovers.

DoNBrewerMultimedia – POST-X 2009

DoN Brewer

DoN Brewer, self portrait, acrylic, collage, 1976.

Ben Cohen

Ben Cohen, pastel, 2008.

Kim Martin

Kim Martin, oil, 2009.

Mike Guinn

Mike Guinn, pencil, 2009.

Karl Olsen

Karl Olsen, oil, 2009.

Paul DuSold

Paul DuSold, oil, 2007.

Alden Cole

Alden Cole, oil on wood, 2008.

POST 2009

Michael Tantaros, pencil, 2009.

Participating in the annual Philadelphia Open Studio Tours means really putting yourself out there for all to see.  Being an artist model also puts one under a focussed gaze, the experience inspired DoN to ask some of his artist friends to contribute works created when DoN modeled at The Plastic Club and the Philadelphia Sketch Club.  Thank you to all the fine artists who provided their work, it feels so narcissistic but DoN LoVeS the attention!

Legacy of Leonardo

DoN Brewer, self portrait, charcoal, chalk & conte on paper @ The Da Vinci Art Alliance.