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DoNBrewer light beings @ The Coffee Bar

DoNBrewer light beings @ The Coffee Bar

DoN Brewer @ his artist reception.  All event photos by Peter Prusinowski.

The Center for Emerging Visual Artists hosted an artist reception for DoN Brewer and the Philadelphia Art-erati turned out in full force – friends & colleagues from the past, present & future converged on the Coffee Bar @ 17th & Locust to support DoN‘s explorations into photography.  Amie Potsic of CFEVA (& fellow photographer) and Ann Koivunen worked with the Coffee Bar to have a POST (Philadelphia Open Studio Tours) artist show in their recently remodeled cafe – the buttery walls and excellent lighting is so satisfying and easy on the eyes the photos have never looked better – and out of 30 artists the team presented, they picked DoN.  What an incredible honor & pleasure to represent Philadelphia Artists in the venerable Warwick Hotel, a landmark & planetary crossroad; DoN overheard languages from all over the world, it is so gratifying to have the work stand on it’s own, this being the largest collection of DoN‘s “light being” series to date.

DoNBrewer light beings @ The Coffee Bar

Muralist David Guinn, his Dad & Plastic Club former President Mike Guinn, the back of Ted Warschal‘s head, Cynthia Arkin (manager of The Plastic Club website), UArts’ Regina Barthmeier, DoN, Ona Kalstein and Rob Stauffer (Rob mounted, matted and framed most of the show, his outstanding presentation skills enhances the work immeasurably) @ the Artist Reception for “light beings“.

Regina & Lisa

Enhabitues of the Philly art scene, Regina & Lisa lounge below light being (Thelma) @ the artist reception for DoN Brewer‘s light beings show @ The Coffee Bar – these intrepid art crawlers have been extremely supportive of DoN‘s career and have been present at almost every art event important to his reputation.  Having friends be there when you need them is so important to an artists ego – Merci!

Ann Koivenen

Ann Koivunen of The Center for Emerging Visual Artists manages the Philadelphia Open Studio Tours submissions (going on now) and took DoN’s feeble attempt at image size accuracy and created the terrific transparent labels, a beautiful bio book and documentation – Thank you Ann for your patience!

light being (Leo Seeger)

light being (Leo Seeger), DoN Brewer @ The Coffee Bar, The Radisson Warwick Hotel through July 2010.  This image has appeared in several art shows from the Philadelphia Sketch Club’s Absolutely Abstract Show to The University of Princeton Medical Center’s ArtFirst show to The Beauty Shop Cafe @ 20th & Fitzwater – DoN LoVeS it when people start seeing “light beings” in the wild.

Thanks to Shoshana Aron, Alden Cole & Les Howard for helping hang the show, Rob Stauffer for framing and the Center for Emerging Visual Artists for their tireless support of artists in Philadelphia.  DoN will be announcing an artist talk date soon.

Special thanks to Peter Prusinowski for photographing the event and his support and friendship, it’s such a good feeling to be recognized as an artist by peers – Philadelphia XOXO.