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Photography 30 @ Perkins Center for the Arts – DoNArTNeWs

Sarah Bloom Photography 30 @ Perkins Center for the Arts

The snowy January afternoon of the reception for Photography 30 @ The Perkins Center for the Arts did not deter an avid crowd of photographers and collectors from crowding into the grand rooms and halls hung with a collection of photography gleaned from over 600 entries.  Eighty-three photographs were selected by juror Rick Wright composing a visual symphony of tone, content and clarity with swaths of crisp black and white prints then deliberate interstitial insertion of color. The photo in the center above is by Sarah Bloom literally drawing a crowd, the dramatic self portrait the punctum to Wright’s studium.  The halls are curated by Perkins Center’s Executive Director Alan Willoughby and Associate Curator Philip J. Carroll arrayed the galleries with a masterful curatorial eye for connecting symbolism, narrative and style with elegance befitting the architecture.

Photography 30 @ Perkins Center for the Arts

Richard Zanoni of Edgewater Park, NJ, The Off Season, digital photo and Brenda Kele of Montclair NJ, Untitled, pigment print @ Photography 30.

Photography 30 @ Perkins Center for the Arts

Tommy Graef, Who’s Afraid @ Photography 30, Perkins Center for the Arts annual photography competition and exhibition.

DoN Brewer in Photography 30 @ Perkins Center for the Arts, Moorestown, NJ

Click the thumbnail – DoN‘s photo (far right)totally reads from across the grand staircase, yet surprisingly detailed and vivid in the lustrous light flooding through the high window.  Watching visitors examine the photo while sitting on the wide window sill will is a nexus point in DoN‘s history as a photographer, a beautiful sweet moment of pride and redemption – like Niki Minaj sings,”...haters you can kill yo’self!

Photography 30 @ Perkins Center for the Arts

Ron Brignae of Wilmington, DE, received a Jurors Award for his photo of frozen water and Neil Persh of Monroe Township, NJ, Model 7, inkjet print on exhibition fiber paper, of a dust encrusted typewriter is Dada for real.  Technical virtuosity combined with stream of consciousness story-telling is the hallmark of Photography 30 with a broad range of thought provoking images, techniques and presentation worth contemplating, emulating and imitating.

Photography 30 @ Perkins Center for the Arts

Alice Grabanier of  Branchberg, NJ, Voyeurism, pigment ink-jet print.

Photography 30 @ Perkins Center for the Arts

Mark D. Thellmann of Merchantville, NJ,  Ontario Gas Station, archival inkjet print of HDR photo.  Mark told DoN to Google HDR, high-dynamic-range imaging, a process which created an ethereal image impossibly rich with detail, earning him a well deserved award.

Photography 30 @ Perkins Center for the Arts

Fellow Da Vinci Art Alliance member artist, Ligia Richter of Wynnewood, PA, Izzy by the Window, black and white silver gelatin print.

DoN is grateful for the support of family and friends who braved the snow to celebrate the art show and the artists, it feels so good when an artistic risk like entering a show with slim odds pays off big time.