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Al Gury

Al Gury, Long Evening, oil, F.A.N. Gallery Philadelphia

Al Gury, Long Evening, oil, F.A.N. Gallery, Old City, Philadelphia. Al Gury: New Paintings, February First Friday.

Al Gury, F.A.N. Gallery Philadelphia

Al Gury F.A.N. Gallery

Al Gury, Pennsylvania Hills II, F.A.N. Gallery Philadelphia

Al Gury, Pennsylvania Hills II, oil,  F.A.N. Gallery

Al Gury, Long Evening, oil, F.A.N. Gallery Philadelphia

Al Gury, F.A.N. Gallery

DoN heard through the Art Educators of South Jersey that Al Gury was teaching a painting workshop for teachers and asked the master about the upcoming seminar.  “That is for educators in the South Jersey School systems and I will be there presenting a workshop on color, the history of color, how to use color, for educators.  That will hopefully help them not only with their work but they can use it in the classroom as well.”  Just South Jersey teachers?  “The advertising goes all over but the focus is lower half of NJ public school teachers.”

DoN gets starstruck around Al Gury, he’s a really cool guy, very approachable, but, the show at F.A.N. Gallery feels like an historical moment. The art show is a big collection of impressionist landscapes by a painting master.  DoN overheard collectors boasting to each other how many Al Gury‘s they own and DoN could tell they were really, truly happy with themselves.  Another conversation eves-dropped on was students comparing the juicy brushwork and scratched away paint in the luminous canvasses, trying out the art terms and lingo PAFA is famous for teaching it’s students to speak.  DoN racked his brain for a salient question to ask the painter who teaches painting teachers how to teach – Tell me about the sky holes in the paintings?

“Well, I look at many different times of day because I like to travel around and look at the landscape at different times of day; mornings, daytime, early dawn, evening, afternoon to see the different kind of atmospheric stages and color changes.  And I particularly like the type of atmosphere where the silhouettes, the shapes and the colors all fit together, I enjoy that very much.”

F.A.N. Gallery

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Wednesday – Sunday (12pm – 6pm)

phone: 215.922.5155
email: fangallery@verizon.net

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