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365 #drawingaday: Stella Untalan at 110 Church Gallery

365 #drawingaday: Stella Untalan at 110 Church Gallery

The drawing a day project has so many ways to interact with viewers and Stella Untalan has stories for each day but finds that people are telling her their stories for days that are important to them.

“What’s so surprising is that I have a whole perception about the pieces, there’s a whole different one because I’ve never seen them all together. So, I’m surprised. But, the other people come to it and they’re telling you what they like about the pieces, that they were drawn to a particular piece and it’s just like…it’s interesting. Really visceral, ‘I like this one, I like that one!’ It’s really exciting.”

“And it’s not just me, I mean it’s about the excitement of the art of it, it’s like, ‘Wow.’”

365 #drawingaday : Stella Untalan110 Church Gallery through January 18th, 2013.

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