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Wishes/Lies/Dreams, Alison Stigora and Jay Walker at 1616 Walnut Street

Wishes/Lies/Dreams, Alison Stigora and Jay Walker

Wishes/Lies/DreamsAlison Stigora and Jay Walker

Alison Stigora has created large scale installations for the Crane Arts Center Icebox GallerySkybox and Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts. For those projects she gleaned the forests to find logs to scorch black then arrange in flowing meditative assemblages arranged like a flood of logs through large spaces. By concentrating on wood her attention would naturally be drawn to paper products in the urban environment. Philadelphia has fallen wood but not enough to build an Alison Stigora sculpture, at 1616 Walnut Street she shows how recycling materials can expose the spark of enlightenment she experienced when she wanted to make art. The crystalized idea culminates in a structure that transforms the trash we create into something as luxurious and lustrous as gold.

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Photograph by DoN Brewer.

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