Amie Potsic – Skin Stories @ Area 919

amie potsic


Amie Potsic, the terrific artist activist and enthusiast, is an accomplished artist in her own right. Area 919 on North 5th is a familiar building seen driving to Fishtown but inside the old factory was a swanky art event with furniture by Baltzell, antiques by Michael Garden and magical prints by Anna Husemoller Jeretic. Michael Garden intends to make the space an art outpost between Old City and emerging Girard Ave. art scene.


The pristine white room with Amie Potsic‘s large scale silver gelatin prints mounted on aluminum and floating boxes is experience design created by an artist who has encouraged the best to do better. The ultra-fine black and white photographs depict human skin scars juxtaposed with images of scars on statues of Jesus Amie took on trips to Italy, San Francisco and NYC. Amie explained to DoN that pilgrims visit these statues and touch the scars as a form of worship. The display is visceral and poetic with the mind’s eye mixing up the stone skin with the real skin and entire movie length memes playing out about how the sculptor developed such skill or what a horrible burn must feel like or the healing from a grueling surgery. Shoshka found it hard to take at first but as the eye absorbs the photography the true beauty of scars is revealed. Amie explained that one burn victim was complemented on the beauty of his scars while in San Francisco with the admirer wondering where he could get one.


amie potsic


Amie Potsic @ Area 919, on North 5th Street. The drive along 5th Street under the Ben feels like driving through Paris and to have the destination be a chic art event in Northern Liberties with artists, hipsters, beautiful ladies in high heels and old guys with bow ties feels so contintental and suave – DoN highly recommends the trip.

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