DoN Brewer’s Art Talk @ The Coffee Bar

DoN is extremely grateful and humbled by the wonderful turn out of old and new friends, fellow artists and enthusiasts who came out last Tuesday to hear him speak about his collection of photographs called “light beings”.   Thank you so much to the hard work of Amie Potsic of The Center for Emerging Visual Artists for arranging the event which drew about 70 people to hear DoN talk about the origin of the concept, how the photography and presentation is realized, which cameras DoN prefers and stories about the people in the titles.

To say that DoN‘s mouth went dry when he saw the sea of faces is an understatement, at one point his upper lip curled up onto his dry teeth so much he had to reach up and un-stick it.  Everyone said they didn’t notice but DoN thinks they’re just happy it wasn’t them dealing with a bit of stage fright.  Luckily, DoN‘s speech went well, even if the people in the back of the room stoically stood their ground while they mouthed, “I can’t hear you.”  People, if you can’t hear, sit in the front row – duh!?!  And the art raffle was a success, too – DoN offered art cards as raffle tickets and sold enough to raffle off an art work.  Ironically the winner of the drawing is one of DoN‘s collectors who had already purchased one of the works from the exhibit.  Since the raffle was so successful, DoN is extending the offer because CFEVA has arranged for the show to hang three extra weeks!  If you have already purchased a raffle card you are still eligible to win, contact DoN to purchase your cards for a chance to own one of DoN‘s photographs.  If you haven’t seen the show, please go, the space is beautiful, the staff is cute and the coffee will keep you awake all night.

Kathleen Rockwell, DoN, Lori Hess and Carly Valentine.

Kathleen Rockwell, DoN, Lori Hess and Carly Valentine @ The Radisson Warwick Hotel’s, The Coffee Bar.

Back in the late 80’s, early 90’s, DoN was a member of The Regional Art Association, a grass roots arts club who met in the dilapidated Clementon Court House.  Kathleen, Lori & Carly’s grandmother, Jean Walsh, kept the group going for almost a decade, when DoN lost his job with a major communications company and returned to art school full time, these fine folks supported and encouraged him to push ahead and realize a dream.

Thank you to Shoshanna Aron, Alden Cole and Les Howard for helping to install the show and their continuing love and support.  Thanks to Ona Kalstein and Ted Warchal of Da Vinci Art Alliance Board of Directors for their confidence and encouragement.  Thanks to Danny Reilly of the Photographic Society of Philadelphia for taking pictures and just being there, Danny is a great photographer, it’s an honor to have him document the event.  Thanks to Lisa, Regina, Faith, Fran, Jean-Paul, Karen & Don, Sheila, Deb, Helen and all of the friends and family who came out to Center City on a hot Summer night to hear DoN.  Without the interest and recognition of art enthusiasts, making art can be a lonely pursuit, but, when you feel the love, it’s totally addictive.



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