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don smith


The Pulsewave ROM invitations are an ongoing series of artistic collaboration created each month to promote Pulsewave, a New York City chip music event. Each month a uniquely designed and coded NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) or Commodore 64 program is released. These invitations can be played back on the classic consoles or viewed on modern computers via emulation. They serve as distinctive promotional material while paying homage to the classic invites created by demoscene programmers of the 1980s and 1990s. 

The ROM invitations are the very essence of unintended use: commercial gaming and computer hardware subverted for DIY promotion of underground music events. The punk scene has its photocopied flyers attached to telephone poles–and the chip music scene has its electronic flyers plastered on TV screens and computer 

DoN lifted this info from the Nexus website which features an excellent survey of the exhibit. 


Installation view of uniNtended Uses @ Nexus Gallery

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