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After the lecture DoN and artist Aida Berzins zipped over to the Philadelphia Society of Free Letts’ Celebrating Latvian Arts show.  Berzins was represented with five works but was joined by an impressive array of fine art from paintings, photography, digital design and sculpture all by Latvian artists. 

Latvia (historically Lettonia, or Lettland), officially the Republic of Latvia, is a country in Northern Europe. Latvia shares land borders with Estonia to the north, Lithuania to the south – and both Russia and Belarus to the east. It is separated from Sweden in the west by the Baltic Sea. The capital of Latvia is Riga (LatvianRiga). Latvia has been a member state of the European Union since May 12004 and a member of NATO since March 292004.  Read the Wikipedia article to see why so many Letts emigrated to America, Aida spent many years in a German refugee camp as a child before moving to the U.S.  

Berzins’ artwork is a result of faithfully pursuing her passion and is quite prolific and well respected in the Philadelphia arts community.Aida Berzins @ Latvian Society 

Drawings and paintings by Aida Berzins and Ugis Nigals @ the Latvian Society.

Acylic painting by Ilmars Rumpeters @ the Latvian Society.

Acylic painting by Ilmars Rumpeters @ the Latvian Society.

 Digital art by Ugis Nigals @ the Latvian Society.

Digital art by Ugis Nigals @ the Latvian Society.Sunday, DoN and art enthusiast/couturier Shoshana Aron attended the opening of the Philadelphia Sketch Club’s prestigious 145th Annual Small Oil Paintings Show.  The show is an eclectic mix of landscapes, still life, abstraction, atmospheric naturalism, impressionism, portraits and more – a fine example of the work by Philadelphia’s best painters.  DoN is honored to be included in such good company. 

DoN Brewer's Odalisque and Richard Harrington's '62 Falcon @ PSC.

DoN Brewer’s Odalisque and Richard Harrington’s ’62 Falcon @ PSC. 

Artist Kyle Margiotta with his entry (top center) @ PSC's 145th Small Oil Paintings Show.

Artist Kyle Margiotta with his entry (top center) @ PSC’s 145th Small Oil Paintings Show. 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ostroff (Arthur's entry is upper left) @ PSC opening.

 Arthur Ostroff with Pearl Garper (Arthur’s entry is upper left) @ PSC opening. 

First Prize Winner, Allison Miller @ PSC Small Oil Paintings Show.

First Prize Winner, Allison Miller @ PSC Small Oil Paintings Show.

The First Prize winner, Allison Miller’sThe Domino Effect is a moving, expressive minimalist piece with the pentimenti of the drawing clearly visible causing an emotional reaction to the viewer especially in this modern age with so much violence in our culture.  This show is a must see art event through April 27th.

DoN and Shoshana left the party early to attend the Artek and Piffaro, the Renaissance Wind Band’s A Musical Pastiche from Early 17th Century Germany concert at the Lutheran Church, 2110 Chestnut Street.  Artek and Piffaro are both early music ensembles and the combination of voices, early instruments such as recorders, shawms, sackbuts, dulcians and even a hurdy-gurdy was exquisite and transcendent.  From dark pieces such as Alma Afflitta (a diddy about aflicted souls) to Mirtillo hat ein Schafelein ( a song about a sheep who needs a spoon of potion so she could calm down to be sheared) the afternoon concert was deeply affecting and rewarded by a standing ovation.  

Piffaro's wind instruments on display at intermission.

Piffaro’s wind instruments on display at intermission.

DoN would like to make a correction to an earlier post regarding the work of Leslie Pontz and Ruth Borgenicht recently on view at the Crane Arts Center; the collaborators are represented by Snyderman-Works Gallery, 303 Cherry Street, Philadelphia.

Ruth Borgenicht with the installation at The Crane Arts Center.

Ruth Borgenicht with the installation at The Crane Arts Center,


All photos by DoNBrewerMultimedia Photography except where noted, all rights reserved. 




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