Dumpster Divers @ Noyes Art Museum, Hammonton, NJ

Hammonton NJ is the self proclaimed blueberry capital of the world with a wonderfully quaint downtown district which has truly suffered from Wal-Martization.  Art to the rescue with the Noyes Museum occupying a lovely space with bright windows and unbroken sight lines.  The mysterious Dumpster Divers have been on display with a lavish installation of mixed media works of art that excites the senses and stirs old memories.  Saturday is the last day at the Noyes but then a lot of the work will move to 734 South Street, Philadelphia where the Dumpster Divers have taken over a vacant store front on the hippest street in town.

dumpster divers carol cole 

Carol Cole, “New Beginnings“, mixed media.  DoN was drawn into the luster of the paper mache eggs with the opalescent knobs, spikes and arrow forms creating a frame of strangeness; very desirable, chic and modern.

dumpster divers 

Ellen Sall, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds“, mixed media. 

dumpster divers Betsy Alexander 

Betsy Alexander’s crosses made from cds wonderfully mixes the magic of contemporary music distribution with ancient symbols.  Music was once held secret and sacred by the churches who recognized the power of aural input to influence behavior.  Betsy’s crosses sing a contemporary song with visual cues and signs, symbols and silence speak volumes. 

dumpster divers Aldy Cole

Alden Cole, “Eros Ex Machina”, mixed media @ The Noyes Museum gallery in Hammonton, NJ.   

 dumpster divers Aldy Cole 

Alden Cole’s, Divine Lorraine series is on display at various locales.  Cole’s use of wood is lavishly skillful, real love is applied to the surfaces of his creations. 


Burnell Yow!,La, Va, Ra, Ya“, mixed media @ Noyes Museum in Hammonton, NJ. 

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