Hobo Orona @ The Beauty Shop Cafe

The Beauty Shop Café consistently displays forward thinking art, curator Jon has transformed this formerly dingy corner to a really nice hangout for locals.  The recent art opening for hobo orona, two art girls going to PAFA, each with their own distinct point of view, is quirky and deep.  The happening was fun and thoughtful, bringing out friends and neighbors to hear a local musician (whose name escapes me – I’ll get it soon.) The journals by Jamie with the repurposed book covers with lovely papers inside are cleverly displayed.  Her mom told me how a potential customer asked her to create wedding invitations from the pages of a love story, sadly the project was too big but is a wonderful meme.  The drawings and collages by Tate O are clever and thoughtful.

beauty shop

Jamie’s journals with repurposed book covers. 

beauty shop 2 


beauty shop 3

Paper cutout with collage – cool. 

beauty shop 4 

Art party @ The Beauty Shop Cafe for “hobo orona”. 


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