Jeff Stroud, Photographer @ Galleria Deptford

Jeff Stroud, Spring Bud, Photographer @ Galleria Deptford

Spring Bud, photograph, Jeff Stroud, Galleria Deptford, Deptford Municipal Building, 1011 Cooper St., Deptford, NJ, December 2011.

“I just started to notice how intricate the buds are on the trees as I was passing them by while I was walking, I didn’t realize.  So, I was walking with the camera and as an artist, I thought these are worth taking pictures of, it’s very detailed, there’s a lot of detail that we don’t see on a normal basis.”  Jeff Stroud‘s photograph, bathed in natural light from a convenient skylight is at once impressionist and representational, a sense of the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring. “This is actually shot at my home in Magnolia, there’s woods that surround the house and the energy of it, Nature’s always changing.  I was using an 18 to 55mm lens and I just get very close to the shot.”

Jeff Stroud‘s photography is part of a group show in the halls of the Deptford Municipal Building in South Jersey, he is represented by eleven photographs.  Jeff brought an extra photograph with him to get help from curator Pauline Jonas in editing and she decided to include them all. The annual photography show brings together work from a diverse group of regional artists that Jonas intuitively pulls together from her wide network of resources. “I met Pauline through the Salem County Arts League, I showed with them a couple years ago, which is all kinds of artists and I met Pauline through them.  People that I know from the Salem County Arts League had show’s here (at Galleria Deptford) and I came to see them.”, said Jeff.  “And then Pauline invited me to be in this show.”

Jeff Stroud, Born With, Photographer @ Galleria Deptford

Born With, Jeff Stroud, photograph.  Jeff is a member of the Photographic Society of Philadelphia and will be a featured artist at the group show in Cafe Twelve in early 2012.

Jeff Stroud, Born With, Photographer @ Galleria Deptford

Jeff Stroud, Photographer @ Galleria Deptford

December 5 – February 1, 2012 – Reception December 11
Photography by:
Nancy Fogel and Diane Abell of, Rona Golfen, Derek Jecxz, Kelly Lynd, Jeff Stroud, Arlene Wilson and her husband, Tony Wilson
.  And Design Concepts by David Smith.

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Photographs by DoN Brewer shot exclusively with
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