Jody Pinto’s FingerSpan Bridge, Valley Green, PA

Thursday – Shoshana, DoN, Katy and Doofie walked the path around Valley Green Park; the dogs ran around like puppies through the underbrush and dove into the Wissahickon to cool off and chase ducks.  Walking the trail takes about 2 hours with many beautiful, quiet vistas and Jody Pinto’s Finger Span Bridge with it’s precipitous span and dramatic shape.  Katy runs’s back and forth over the perforated metal bridge but Doofie, DoN‘s adopted St. Bernard/Chihuahua mix, is afraid of heights, preferring to swim around the rock outcrops.  Picturesque Valley Green Inn, a favorite landscape for Philadelphia painters, ends the walk.  Henry Martin has giclee and lithograph prints of the iconic scene for sale on his website, Henry will paint you and your family sitting in the restaurant if you want – more about Henry later.Shoshana on FingerSpan

Shoshana on Jody Pinto’s FingerSpan Bridge in Valley Green Park.

Doofie swimming

Doofie’s afraid of the bridge, so she swims around!

Katy on the Fingerspan

Katy on FingerSpan.FingerSpan

Jody Pinto’s FingerSpan Bridge built 1987.


All photographs by DoNBrewerMultimedia Photography 

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