Lauren Sweeney & Eric Fausnacht @ TwentyTwo Gallery

















Eric Fauscnacht paints chickens – large scale paintings with exotic fowls portrayed against decorative backdrops.  His painterly style is decorative and accessable yet strange and magestic, portraying the humble creatures with style, wit and precision.  Shawn Murray‘s gallery is a perfectly beautiful space which features member artists with one or two person shows in the main room and a terrific group of paintings by the other coalition members in the back space.  Libby Rosoff commented on how many animal paintings she has been seeing in various shows.  DoN has noticed a lot of deer in recent shows; the animal image is primal and deep and must be plucking that nerve string in the group consciousness like a viral meme. 


Eric Fausnacht @ TwentyTwo Gallery.


TwentyTwo Gallery in Center City, Philly. 

lauren Sweeney & Eric Fausnacht @ TwentyTwo Gallery 

 Lauren Sweeney‘s delicate watercolors paired with Fauscnacht‘s elaborate chicken paintings is fantastical, inspiring and strange, the show makes DoN want to get back into the studio and paint.

reta sweeney

TwentyTwo Gallery member artist, Reta Sweeney in the on-going group exhibit @ 236 South 22nd Street.

ed Bronstein

TwentyTwo Gallery member artist, Edwin Bronstein in the on-going group exhibit @ 236 South 22nd Street. 


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