Lilliana Didovic, My Philadelphia Tales, Tonight @ TRUST Gallery, Old City

Lilliana Didovic, My Philadelphia Tales, Tonight @ Trust, Old City

Lilliana Didovic @ TRUST Gallery

First Friday!  The monthly art crawl in Old City has a long and storied tradition, tonight “My Philadelphia Tales“, a collection of 70+ paintings by Lilliana Didovic @ TRUST gallery in Old City, will show Philadelphians how beautiful and loved Philly is by people from all around the world.  Lilliana finds inspiration in the city that gave her hope, home and solace, her award-winning paintings portraying Philadelphia in it’s best light – bright, bold, glittery and famously iconic.  Recent paintings find inspiration in the mosaic murals in South Philly from the Magic Gardens of Zagar, chunky crystals mimicking the broken mirrors and crockery embedded in the walls.  Series of bridge paintings harken to the Impressionists but Didovic’s paintings are current, informed by the past but assuredly contemporary.

Lilliana Didovic came to America after escaping the war in her home of Sarajevo, her family was granted political asylum in 1992 leaving property, belongings and fortune behind to find a new life with freedom from persecution, fear and danger.  Maybe that’s why Didovic’s exuberant style is so accessible, her color field abstractions are huge and densely saturated with rich color but her landscapes see a beautiful new world rich in opportunity, a sweet reminder of home.  Tonight is a benchmark in Lilliana Didovic’s art career, years of hard work, dedication, struggle and determination have kept her on course towards this glamorous event; friends and family from around the world will gather to experience her lavish and beautiful impression of Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love.  Join DoN tonight not just to celebrate Lilliana’s success but your own Independence Day!

Lilliana Didovic, My Philadelphia Tales, Tonight @ Trust, Old City

Tatoo, 48×60″, Lilliana Didovic @ TRUST Gallery.

DoN Brewer

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