NTPE4 means NewsToday Print Exchange 4.  Newstoday, which now is simply QBN.com , is a website where artists, designers and web coders network on-line.  For the last four years someone organizes a print exchange with the first 20 people who sign up – the idea is to send 19 prints to other artists and they each send you one resulting in a collection of twenty artworks by some truly talented artists and designers from around the country.  DoN has started receiving prints in the mail and it feels like Christmas in July; DoN will run a special edition of DoNArTNeWs featuring images of the works from NYC, Denver, Anaheim, Phoenix, OFallon, Il.,Brooklyn, Tampa, Portland, Or., Woodland Hills, Milwaukee…and of course, Philadelphia.

With all the art clubs in Philly, wouldn’t it be cool to so the same here?  Let DoN know what you think.  So far I’ve heard from Anthe – maybe we could do a drawing exchange. 


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