Patricia X 2 @ Da Vinci Art Alliance

Two different artists named Patricia installed a fabulous collection of atmospheric naturalistic paintings by Trish O’Halloran and abstract expressionist works by Pat Burns creating a wonderfully stimulating atmosphere in Da Vinci Art Alliances gallery.  This was not the first time the two Patricias teamed up to put on a show; their palettes, technique and compositions complement and accent each other’s ouvre. 

 Partricias times two

Trish O’Halloran‘s odalisque perfectly complements Pat Burns abstract canvas; the two paintings hanging together vibrate with the intensity of similar color and brushwork.  This grouping is a good example of the point of the show – that abstract and naturalistic art both evoke emotional responses in the viewer.

Partricas times two 

Pat Burns‘ small abstracts at Da Vinci Art Alliance.

Patricia O’Halloran

Trish O’Halloran before one of her paintings at Da Vince Art Alliance’s Particia’s Times Two.  Apologies to Pat Burns, the photo DoN took has you with your eyes closed, my bad. 

Patricia O’Halloran 

Painting by Trish O’Halloran.  O’Halloran teaches art at the Main Line Art Center. 

Rwandan art

 Art by Rwandan artists was also on display and for sale as a fundraiser and consciousness-raiser.  The exuberant paintings are poignant and emotional depicting life in war-torn Africa – there must be something we can do to help?  Da Vinci is selling the works to raise funds to send back to the artists in Rwanda.

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