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DoN Brewer POST sign in board

DoN opened his studio to the public again this year with hundreds of other Philly artists participating in Philadelphia Open Studio Tours.  Visitors signed the giant “Hello My Name Is…” sign that he received as part of Newstoday Print Exchange 4.  DoN‘s MoM, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and friends stopped by to view recent drawings, paintings and prints.  POST is a great way to meet other artists and make new friends as well as sell some art.  Thanks so much to good friends Shoshana and Alden with their help and support; it’s a lot of work.  KaTy the ArT DoG and her pal Doofie, the St. Bernard/Chihuahua mix greeted visitors with wagging tails and lots of slobber.  This year the tour started West of Broad Street so DoN didn’t get to visit friends such as Paul DuSold or Betsy and Burnell but DoN‘s MoM did and is still talking about how Nora the Piano Playing Cat plinked out a tune for her – thanks Nora! DoN’s Nude Room Panoramic shot of DoN‘s Nude Room.

East of Broad Street was super-exciting with dumpster diver Alden Cole’s spectacular display of drawings, paintings, luminaries and found object constructions.  Alden has returned to his painting roots and is producing interesting compositions packed with metaphors, narrative and deeply personal spiritual art works.  Obviously it’s too much to see all the studios in one wekend but I’m sure if you contact Alden he would be more than happy to allow you to explore four floors of art.Panoramic shot of Alden Cole’s kitchen gallery.  Cole is having an exhibition at Smile Gallery in November.Panoramic shot of Alden Cole‘s kitchen gallery.  Cole is having an exhibition at Smile Gallery in November. 

Robert Stauffer in his quirky alley gallery @ 7th & Federal.

Robert Stauffer in his quirky alley gallery @ 7th & Federal.  Stauffer’s mixed media, paintings and photos were super-fun especially viewed in one of Philly’s famous narrow alleyways.

Dr. Doris Peltzman with friend Reta Sweeney at Morris Street Studios deep in South Philly.

Dr. Doris Peltzman with friend Reta Sweeney at Morris Street Studios deep in South Philly.  Peltzman is having a one woman show at the prestigious Carspecken Scott Gallery in Wilmington as well as a group show at Artist’s House. You go girl!!!  Doris is truly gifted and dedicated to producing work that stretches her limits with brilliant coloration, bold brushwork and subtle compositions.

Painting master, Francis Tucker.

Painting master, Francis Tucker, also at Morris Street Studio displayed just a few of his masterworks and demonstrated his proficiency at framing.  Tucker was DoN‘s first painting mentor back in the day when UArts was still PCA and still teaches emerging artists skills involving materials and technique.

Artist Arthur Ostroff, also of Morris Street Studios.

Artist Arthur Ostroff, also of Morris Street Studios, explained to DoN his plans for a one man show which has turned into a retrospective of his lifes work.  The exhibit, Arthur Ostroff Then and Now, will be at Montgomery County Community College West Campus Art Gallery, November 1 through December 19, 2008.

Mixed media collage by Art Ostroff.

Mixed media collage by Art Ostroff.

Painting by Charles Cushing and sculpture by Carol Cole @ 915 Spring Garden art studios.

Painting by Charles Cushing and sculpture by Carol Cole @ 915 Spring Garden art studios.

Frances Galante

Frances Galante‘s studio was humming with activity and filled with masterful landscapes and still iife paintings. DoN asked Galante about including architecture in her works, “I like to include architecture because it shows the human element and gives scale to painting.”  This past summer Frances painted at Monhegan Island off the coast of Maine at an artist’s colony.

Frances Galante’s Sailboat on the Delaware.

Frances Galante’s Sailboat on the Delaware.

Ana B. Hernandez’ flamenco inspired hanging sculpture.

Ana B. Hernandez’ flamenco inspired hanging sculpture.  Ana tells DoN her work, “… attempts to capture the movement and energy as a visual vocabulary of the skirt of the dancer.”

Ana B. Hernandez @ 915 Spring Garden.

Ana B. Hernandez @ 915 Spring Garden.

Wendy Wolf

Wendy Wolf has a system of layering paint and then scraping away bits to reveal the layers, she then saves the bits in little boxes as a separate art object.  Wolf is also a jeweler producing beautiful necklaces and bracelets, she says, “…life is charmed.”  An MFA graduate of Tyler Art School, Wolf has been at 915 Spring Garden for more than two years.

Wendy Wolf

The left over bits from a Wendy Wolf painting displayed in clear plastic boxes.

Peter Cunicelli’s studio @ 915 Spring Garden.

Peter Cunicelli’s studio @ 915 Spring Garden.  Each piece is handmade from slabs of clay allowing Peter to create space-age style ceramics perfect for contemporary interiors; Peter is working on producing multiples so he can offer table wares in his unique style.  Cunicelli was included in this summer’s Art of the State exhibit in Harrisburg. Congrats!

Brooke Hine

Brooke Hine’s studio displayed her ubiquitous organic ceramics; always interesting, delicate and absorbing sculptures in a style all her own.  Hine recently curated a fabulous show at the Center for Emerging Visual Artists and was also included in the Art of the State show in Harrisburg.  DoN LoVeS Brooke!!!


DoN All photos by DoNBrewerMultimedia.

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  1. leemuslin

    Thanks for posting a photo of my work in your Absolutely Abstract exhibition. I was unable to attend the reception but I did get to view the show afterwards. I absolutely loved both of your works. Congratulations on your award (the award was for 2007, the exhibitions committee will feature the winner on the following years promotions – so next year Michele Marcuse will be featured.) you deserved it.

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