Photographic Society of Philadelphia – Waffle, Waffle, Waffle!!!

Photographic Society of Philadelphia @ Bonte’s

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Morris Klein, PSoP now has shows running at all three Center City Bonte’s Waffle Cafe’s.  For several year’s the society had an ongoing exhibition @ Joe’s Coffee on Walnut which ended recently; there is an excellent article in the Philadelphia Gay News about how Joe lost the lease on his business, it’s illogical to have all these vacant storefronts.  But the new spaces Bonte’s is offering America’s oldest photography society are modern and loungy – DoN observed patrons checking out the photos while munching waffles, after all some of Philly’s most creative photographers are in the club – John Bacille, Jym Paris, Ed Snyder, Veronica Schmude, Bonnie Schorske..

Photographic Society of Philadelphia @ Bonte’s

Photographic Society of Philadelphia @ Bonte’s Waffle Cafes.


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