Quattro Amici + @ Off The Wall

Thursday evening after a few hours of drawing at The Plastic ClubDoN headed over to Dirty Frank’s to see the show at Off the Wall Gallery for Quattro Amici +: Anders HansenT. Clyde McCobbCatherine (Kit) MitchellDiane Podolsky plus Karl Olsen’s Mid 08 Summer Showcurated by the indefatigable Jody Sweitzer who personally selected and hung the art.  Like being in a Paris underground bar, the show is hung salon style with paintings, drawings and prints strewn across the wall almost as if Toulouse, Claude and Pablo were sitting and drinking Absinth at the bar, even a few dogs wandered behind the bar looking for treats.  In fact, Karl Olsen’s paintings and pastels have a striking Lautrec quality.  Each of the pieces are desirable in their own right; Hansen’s languid watercolors, Podolsky’s stylish mixed media, Mitchell’s bright and colorful landscapes and McCobb’s confident paintings represent more than an artist collective, it’s a school of thought, a way of seeing, a bond of trust and friendship that encourages strength and adventure in art.

Anders Hansen watercolor.

Anders Hansen watercolor.

Quattro Amici + exhibit at Off The Wall @ Dirty Franks.

Quattro Amici + exhibit at Off The Wall @ Dirty Franks.

Karl Olsen mixed media (DoN LoVeS the reflection of the beer signs on the glass).

Karl Olsen mixed media (DoN LoVeS the reflection of the beer signs on the glass).

Karl Olsen, Susan Stromquist and Mike Guinn

Karl OlsenSusan Stromquist and Mike Guinn at the Quattro Amici + opening party @ Dirty Franks’ Off the Wall Gallery.

Sarah Olsen with Anders Hansen @ Dirty Franks.

Sarah Olsen with Anders Hansen @ Dirty Franks.

All photos by DoNBrewerMultimedia Photography. 

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