Rickard Larma @ Smile

Rikard Larma is an Associated Press photographer originally from Bosnia where he covered the war but is now a true blue Philadelphian.  Larma’s exhibit at Smile Gallery on 22nd Street is called Painting with Light; clicking the shutter while moving the camera, Rikard captures streaks and swirls of light like what the eye sees when you spin around.  The dizzy images look like abstract paintings since Larma invested in the gear to print his digital images on canvas; the deep, rich colors and ebullient compositions invigorated the second floor space with energy, light and life.  Larma had visitors vote for their top three favorites, a unique approach to interacting with art patrons, sort of American Idol in it’s popular appeal.  Speaking of voting, sever al of Larma’s AP buddies were at the opening and held the rapt attention of patrons with tales of press abuse and the scars and scabs to prove it from the RNC.  Yikes!

Rikard Larma @ Smile.

Fine art photographer, Rikard Larma @ Smile’s Painting with Light. 

Ink on canvas by Rikard Larma @ Smile. 

Rikard Larma @ Smile’s Painting with Light.

 Rikard Larma @ Smile’s Painting with Light. 

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