Smile Gallery – Sunshine and Flowers

Smile Gallery

Artist Lilliana Didovic, artist Karen McDonnell and Ken Tutjamnong @ Smile Gallery opening for artists Ken Tutjamnong and Mike Sweeney.

Ken Tutjamnong’s impressionist floral paintings are exuberant with a variety of mark making techniques splashed across the canvas then scraped away to reveal subtle coloration and form.  Ken, a native of Thailand, is a dedicated painter and a member of the DaVinci Alliance – not only does he manage the most excellent  Smile Thai Restaurant which is more than a full time job, he finds time in the morning or after to work to develop his unique painterly style.  Tutjamnong’s paintings for the Sunshine and Flowers Show are absolutely happy with rich texture, color and composition; Ken obviously is working hard to realize a dream.


Painting by Ken Tutjamnong

Mile Sweeney

Artist Mike Sweeney @ Smile Gallery.

Mike Sweeney mixed paintings and photographs in Smile’s Sunshine and Flowers show. he says, “Photos are an ethereal experience, a painting  you have to live with, get to know, be there a long time.  A photo lasts forever as that moment.”  Again, time shifting and experience design create new vibrations, since DoN is a multimedia guy, it’s refreshing to see an artist freely mix the medias usually kept separate. 

Mike Sweeney

Painting by Mike Sweeney @ Smile Gallery. 

Ken and Matt

Ken Tutjamnong and his brother Matt Lyons. 

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