The Messenger is Already Dead – CFEVA Gallery @ 1521 Locust St.

CFEVA @ 1521 Locust St Philadelphia

 Katie Murken @ Center for Emerging Visual Artists Gallery.

Katie Murken

Katie Murken’s contribution to The Messenger is Already Dead includes the Brancusi-esque columns and layered photo collages (a great steal-able idea – it took her three years to think it up, you can have it for free!).  The cool thing about Murken’s work is the logical conclusions – like, “duh?” – why didn’t DoN think of that; a great meme is hard to find, impossible to control.  In the corner are Scott Pellnat‘s “Land of Horror’s 1 – 4, wax and Barbie dolls”.

 Peter Prusinowski

Peter Prusinowski is a master of the dark room, the gelatin silver prints of Fishtown are evocative of the neighborhood’s long established quirkiness and history.  The blacks are rich and deep, the grays iridescent, the framing & lighting excellent so that the narrative readily absorbs into the consciousness with symbols and signs of civilization.

Peter Prusinowski

Peter Prusinowski @ CFEVA’s The Messenger is Dead.  With Peter’s work the medium is the massage.

CFEVA @ 1521 Locust St Philadelphia

Scott Pellnat‘s room-sized installation is fantastically inventive and enthralling; created in his North Jersey back yard, the sprawling construction is a dream scape of shipwrecks, collapsed highways, hidden chambers and fools gold.  Like a nightmare, there is no beginning or end, only feedback and feelings; Scott explained to DoN not all the teeny bookcases were filled with itsy-bitsy books as if the piece was still a work in progress.  To get to the gallery push the black button in the elevator and you will be transported to a world of dreams, nightmares and extraordinary reality.

View a video clip here.

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