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Since DoN‘s last post he stopped by the Philadelphia Sketch Club to meet with executive director Barbara Murray who manages the constant whirl of activity at America’s oldest art club and catch up.  Barbara was on the phone so DoN went upstairs to preview the Art of the Flower show and Professor Rich Harrington of Moore College of Art and Design was organizing the extensive catalog and labeling system required to mount a major exhibition.  Rich was multitasking to such an extent that DoN was flabbergasted, during the take-in of art there was a numbering glitch requiring the team of volunteers to justify the entries by removing and replacing dozens of art works, he had recall of virtually every entry and where the piece was in the room, 100s of different images!  DoN can recognize some artists’ styles & work by sight but Harrington knew all the artists and he’s also going through finals at Moore with students bombarding him with presentations.  The catalog that results from all the hard work is a a collectible, many artists save in their files – to be juried into the prestigious art show is exciting, having a beautiful, informative memento is like a confirmation of acceptance in the art world.

Philadelphia Sketch Club Art of the Flower 2011

Philadelphia Sketch Club, Art of the Flower 2011 – the reception & awards is March 6th, 2 – 4:00 PM.

DoN popped into the Plastic Club to preview the gigantic Small Worlds exhibit and his own mini-exhibition, part of a group show including Diane Podolsky, Burton Greenspan, Mervyn Kline & Cara Kendric in the Downstairs Gallery, and found all the numbering and information sheets completed and ready for the show.  The Plastic Club uses a numbering system instead of labels which is less cumbersome, the Plastic Club allows all member artists to include their work in most shows and the Philadelphia Sketch Club usually shows a selection from a mass of entries, the tradition of a name tag is expected.  Either way, there’s someone at a computer organizing Excel spreadsheets or Word docs or Photoshop files to create the information design of art show memorabilia and advertising.  It takes a village and organizing volunteers is a job unto itself, join in, helping is fun.

Plastic Club Small Worlds 2011

The Plastic Club, Small Worlds exhibition of art.

Gallery sitting can be a drag, Saturday DoN invited friends to visit the Da Vinci Art Alliance Gallery to talk about Search Engine Optimization for Artists which easily made two hours pass in a flash; DoN loved the bemused information overload on the artists faces after the discussion, asking them to think about their brand, what people think of them, how they want to be recognized and then how to make it appear on page one in Google.  Creating an event, inviting friends and designing an experience really helped to bring people into the gallery; opening receptions are expected by the art crawlers, keeping people coming back to the gallery is the challenge.  Thanks to all the volunteers who make the Philly art community thrive and grow.  Visit your local art gallery today, you might make a new friend.

Diverse Perspectives @ Da Vinci Art Alliance: Bud Boehringer, DoN Brewer, Lorna Kent, Yeoun Lee, Marcy Morris, Lee Muslin, William Myers & Edna Santiago

Yeoun Lee @ Diverse Perspective, Da Vinci Art Alliance Gallery, 704 Catharine Street, South Philly.

Today there are receptions at both the Philadelphia Sketch Club and the Plastic Club on Camac Street, the Avenue of the Artists, both are free and open to the public.  The Da Vinci Art Alliance Gallery is open today, too, artist Yeoun Lee will be gallery sitting for the Diverse Perspectives group show even though she’s included in the Art of the Flower show with two gorgeous paintings and the Small World‘s show.  Please stop in the historic gallery in South Philly and tell her how much you like her work, Yeoun and Charles are becoming quite the art power couple around town, both volunteered to help install the massive Small Worlds show at the Plastic Club, too.  Art work isn’t just painting after all, it’s real, hard, tedious work designed to make people feel good about themselves and the world around them.  Enjoy!

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