Treacy Ziegler, Before An Ocean @ F.A.N. Gallery

Treacy Ziegler @ F.A.N. Gallery

Treacy Ziegler @ F.A.N. Gallery in Old City.

When DoN introduced himself to Treacy Ziegler he immediately put foot in mouth by gushing, “I love your frames“.  Ack!  But Ziegler actually begins her process by outlining the canvas with black tape in anticipation of placing the finished work in an appropriately unobtrusive frame which highlights the painting yet is an interesting construction, simultaneously decorative, efficient and subdued.  Treacy trained at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts as a print-maker but changed direction to painting which explains the careful composition of each work of art.  The sense of light and space is reminiscent of Edward Hopper (a DoN fave) and Zeigler admits he’s an influence since his style is recognizably American.  Treacy actually produces her own paints combining pigments and oils to develop just the right consistency, not fond of brush strokes she thinks of the brushwork as color, turning texture into design, stretching the stokes like fluid creating subtle transparent reflective light.

Treacy Ziegler @ F.A.N. Gallery

Treacy Ziegler @ F.A.N Gallery.

Treacy Ziegler @ F.A.N. Gallery

Treacy Ziegler @ F.A.N. Gallery.  DoN thinks this is a great idea to steal with small round canvases inserted into cutouts in simple squares of black wood.  Good artists copy, great artists steal!

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