Two Fun Fridays in February in Millville, NJ

Ivy Chaya Arts, Millville NJ, Peek-a-Boo Soaps

Ivy Chaya Arts, Millville NJ

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This Friday,February 1st – Figure First Friday has evolved, and we are doing something Ffffun and different…

 with wolves gunning for Red Riding Hood on the loose, habitat installation and precursor to the Figures Exhibit Showing 3rd Friday…

 This event is a debut for Little Bo Peek’s “Peek A Boo Soaps and Shearing” handspun by: Erin s. Peek                  Live Music TBA

  • $10 at the door for Sketching, Food, Drinks, Live Music and Fun.  Jam Sessions do break out when Eddie Shiffler is in the house, so do bring an instrument if you play!   Models will be surprising and PG-13 rated (in costume with an installation in which they will not pose, but exist, for your sketching / art-atmosphere needs.)

Third Friday, February 15th

  • February 15th – Third Friday is the Figures exhibit for February.  Figurative Art will represent James Ingraham fine art photography and digital media, Meed Barnett muti meedia artist, David Allen Baird sketch club president, Erin S. Peek “Peek A Boo Soaps and Shearing,” and Ivy Chaya artist & owner.

    Live Music TBA

Call 609-425-3510 for questions,

All else check the website for info and updates  and link to us on Facebook!


~Ivy Chaya

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