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Super Models @ The Plastic Club

Last Sunday afternoon Shoshka, Alden Cole and DoN attended The Model Artist Show at The Plastic Club featureing art by artists/models with 71 artworks by Philly’s favorite models.  Without the models there would be no life study at Fleisher, PSC, Plastic Club, UArts…

The models spend a lot of time with artists and obviously are exposed to trends, techniques, methods and procedures allowing them to develop their own singular styles, many of the models have their own fine art degrees.  The Model Artist Show is superb with a wide variety of media from painting to prints to sculpture – now we know what they’re thinking about while they pose for hours on end.

Artist/Model Susan Stromquist won 2nd prize for No. 18 Folded Figure 1.

Artist/Model Susan Stromquist won 2nd prize for No. 18 Folded Figure 1.

Artist/Model Veronica Meekins.

Artist/Model Veronica Meekins

DoN has drawn or painted Veronica many times and even used a print of her for NTPE1 (more about NTPE later).

Mixed media by Jym Paris; the use of fabric and mixed media is unique and exciting.

Mixed media by Jym Paris; the use of fabric and mixed media is unique and exciting.

DoN told Paris he’s stealing his idea (good artists copy, great artists steal – Picasso).

Model/Artist Pam Cole.

Model/Artist Pam Cole.

Pam instigated the idea of multiple models at The Plastic Club which has become a popular motif for the artists – very challenging. 

Artist/Model Susan Wierzbicki with her “Water Your Garden” acrylic painting.

Artist/Model Susan Wierzbicki with her “Water Your Garden” acrylic painting.

Artist/Model Heidi Sterling’s “The Island”, oil on panel.

Artist/Model Heidi Sterling‘s “The Island“, oil on panel.

Alden Cole LoVeD Sterling’s series of wildly abstract paintings; this image is one of five of the spectacular paintings.

Artist/Model Hannah Holby’s “Fisherman - T Rex”, oil on print.  DoN LoVeS dinosaurs!!!

Artist/Model Hannah Holby’s “Fisherman – T Rex“, oil on print.  DoN LoVeS dinosaurs!!!

Artist/Model Hannah Taylor’s “Leelo”, oil on canvas.  Is this super-pop or what!?!

Artist/Model Hannah Taylor’s “Leelo“, oil on canvas.  Is this super-pop or what!?!

Artist/Model Rob Willis’ “Quiver”, mixed media.

Artist/Model Rob Willis‘ “Quiver“, mixed media.

Charcoal drawings by Rob Willis.

Charcoal drawings by Rob Willis.

Rob Willis (with nephew) won first prize for his full body of work at The Plastic Club’s The Model Artist Show.

Rob Willis (with nephew) won first prize for his full body of work at The Plastic Club’s The Model Artist Show.

The exhibit is on display in the Camac Street gallery through August 24th – go see it! 


Photo Synthesis @ DaVinci Art Alliance

Photo Synthesis is –

A juried awards exhibition featuring photography and photographic processes

with art by:

Amy Ahearn, Tony Anthony, Keith Auerbach, DoN Brewer, Suzanne Comer, Judy Engle, Carlos Gil, Robert Grunke, Rikard Larma, Marilyn Lavins, Richard Marr, Karen McDonnell & Anthony Cortosi, Lee Muslin, Liz Nicklus, Mickie Rosen, Armand Scavo, Susan Van Selous, D.B. Stovall, Robert Waldeck, Ted Warchal, Julien Weitzenfeld, James Widerman.


Juror and Awards Judge: Internationally acclaimed photographer JON NAAR.


Mr. Naar was present at the opening reception, signing his books The Birth of Graffiti (2007) and Getting the Picture (2005).  DoN purchased Birth of Graffiti and chatted with Naar about how to present photographs most effectively.  “Naar’s photographs have been published in many of the world’s leading magazines and exhibited at the Metropolitan  Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the International Center of Photography, New York, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and the Centre Pompidou, Paris. In 2005-06 at the Jan Cunen Museum in the Netherlands, his retrospective attracted a record-breaking 15,000 visitors (Jon Naar’s website).”

DoN with his entry “light beings (Dora & Pablo)”, photo by Rikard Larma.

DoN with his entry “light beings (Dora & Pablo)”, photo by Rikard Larma.

Award winning photograph by Suzanne Comer.  (DoN agrees it looks like a botanical drawing - just stunning.)

Award winning photograph by Suzanne Comer.  (DoN agrees it looks like a botanical drawing – just stunning.)

Suzanne Comer with Photo Synthesis juror Jon Naar.  Comer is primarily a painter who uses photography for reference, she was thrilled to win an award with such terrific competition at The DaVinci Art Alliance.

Suzanne Comer with Photo Synthesis juror Jon Naar.  Comer was trained as a painter who used photography for reference but is now a primarily a photographer which explains her painterly eye.   Comer was thrilled to win an award with such terrific competition at The DaVinci Art Alliance, she positively glowed with pride.

Artist Liz Nicklus with her photo montage/collage.

Artist Liz Nicklus with her photo montage/collage.

Liz Nicklus’ “Witness”, mixed media.

Liz Nicklus’ “Witness“, mixed media.

Susan Van Selous

Susan Van Selous‘ “Carley’s Daisy“, digital design.

Photo by Rikard Larma @ Photo Synthesis.

Photo by Rikard Larma @ Photo Synthesis.

Artist Marilyn Lavins with her entry in Photo Synthesis @ DaVinci Art Alliance.

Artist Marilyn Lavins with her entry in Photo Synthesis @ DaVinci Art Alliance.

Miller’s T-Shirt was created by Margharita Warhola, niece of Andy Warhol, exclusively for Deb.  Andy would have been 80 years old this year and has been gone from our plane of existence for twenty years now – hard to believe.  Dr. Deb explained the meaning of photography in her opening remarks, “Phos is Greek for “light,” and graphein is Greek for “to write”–so photography means writing with light.” 


All photography by DoNBrewerMultimedia except where noted.


PANMA presents WEB 2.0 @ The Science Center

Philadelphia Area New Media Association presented a primer on new web applications which was totally fascinating, fast-paced and intelligently presented, including talks by Kelani Nicholeof MJohnnie Billota of Indy Hall and Nick Floro of Sealworks Interactive Studios.  DoN learned so much cool stuff about the web, social networking, design and working with clients – PANMA is a wonderful resource for artists, designers, coders, videographers, photographers – if you are one of the afore mentioned you should join PANMA, it’s free, fun and informative.  The presentation took place in the Buckminster Fuller room with a portrait of Bucky that seems to stare at you wherever you are in the room as well as his Dymaxion map of the world – very cool.  Do you know what “FOAF” or “OWL” means?  DoN does now.

Some of the cool websites we looked at include:

Smashing Magazine

A List Apart

Wine Library

37 Signals

Decor/Decorum @ CFEVA

The Center for Emerging Visual Arts keeps raising the bar on curating art shows in Philadelphia, the current exhibit, Décor/Decorum, of photography, sculpted plates and plaster vignettes is simply exquisite like being plunked down into a scene on a Wedgewood plate only it’s in your eccentric grandmother’s white lacquered cabinet.  Photos of the interior of Joelle Jenson‘s grandmother’s Florida home are a temporal distortion, the mostly white spaces combine a mix of natural and artificial light, memory and architecture, austere, fresh and clean – when fresh and clean didn’t mean you were hip-hop but a time when everything had a place and was in it, sparkly and shiny.  Joelle’s grandmother had glamour shots of herself stratigically displayed thoughout her immaculate home, even producing calendars with her beautiful image, her snow white hair perfectly coiffed, as gifts for family members. Now Grandma is a star in Joelle’s homage to an esthetic quickly disappearing from the American landscape; Joelle confided with DoN that the family used to ridicule their grandmother’s decorating style but when she died and Joelle’s parents moved in they didn’t change a thing.  Jenson has completed photographing her husband’s parents home in Florida and is working on a series from her other grandmother’s abode.  Jenson produces her work at The Camera Club  of New York and exhibits at Wall Space Gallery in Seattle.Joelle Jenson @ Décor/Decorum @ CFEVA

Joelle JensonDécor/Decorum @ CFEVA 

C-Print by Joelle Jenson @ CFEVA

C-Print by Joelle Jenson @ CFEVA.

Jedediah Morfit’s carved plaster plates and vignette’s mounted on the wall compose a chilly counterpoint to Jenson’s photographs.  Morfit “explores irresistible contemporary taboos including craft, religion and narrative” (CFEVA art card).  The antechamber gallery features a wall of plates Jed told DoN was about “new temptations of Saint Anthony“, with the plates each featuring a modern tempting diversion.  The opposite wall has a striking series of bas-relief sculptures with antebellum women pushing wheelbarrows filled with bones and heads running from a rain of arrows – very powerful.  DoN overheard one patron say she felt she was in, “one of those blue plates”.  DoN suspects she meant Wedgewood china.  Morfit tells DoN these are the first in a series that will feature “tons of figures including flying monkeys”.

Bas-relief wall sculpture by Jedediah Morfit @ CFEVA.

Bas-relief wall sculpture by Jedediah Morfit @ CFEVA.

Jedediah Morfit with his plaster plates in CFEVA’s main gallery.

Jedediah Morfit with his plaster plates in CFEVA’s main gallery.

All photography by DoNBrewerMultimedia