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NTPE4 means NewsToday Print Exchange 4.  Newstoday, which now is simply QBN.com , is a website where artists, designers and web coders network on-line.  For the last four years someone organizes a print exchange with the first 20 people who sign up – the idea is to send 19 prints to other artists and they each send you one resulting in a collection of twenty artworks by some truly talented artists and designers from around the country.  DoN has started receiving prints in the mail and it feels like Christmas in July; DoN will run a special edition of DoNArTNeWs featuring images of the works from NYC, Denver, Anaheim, Phoenix, OFallon, Il.,Brooklyn, Tampa, Portland, Or., Woodland Hills, Milwaukee…and of course, Philadelphia.

With all the art clubs in Philly, wouldn’t it be cool to so the same here?  Let DoN know what you think.  So far I’ve heard from Anthe – maybe we could do a drawing exchange. 


Super Models @ The Plastic Club

Last Sunday afternoon Shoshka, Alden Cole and DoN attended The Model Artist Show at The Plastic Club featureing art by artists/models with 71 artworks by Philly’s favorite models.  Without the models there would be no life study at Fleisher, PSC, Plastic Club, UArts…

The models spend a lot of time with artists and obviously are exposed to trends, techniques, methods and procedures allowing them to develop their own singular styles, many of the models have their own fine art degrees.  The Model Artist Show is superb with a wide variety of media from painting to prints to sculpture – now we know what they’re thinking about while they pose for hours on end.

Artist/Model Susan Stromquist won 2nd prize for No. 18 Folded Figure 1.

Artist/Model Susan Stromquist won 2nd prize for No. 18 Folded Figure 1.

Artist/Model Veronica Meekins.

Artist/Model Veronica Meekins

DoN has drawn or painted Veronica many times and even used a print of her for NTPE1 (more about NTPE later).

Mixed media by Jym Paris; the use of fabric and mixed media is unique and exciting.

Mixed media by Jym Paris; the use of fabric and mixed media is unique and exciting.

DoN told Paris he’s stealing his idea (good artists copy, great artists steal – Picasso).

Model/Artist Pam Cole.

Model/Artist Pam Cole.

Pam instigated the idea of multiple models at The Plastic Club which has become a popular motif for the artists – very challenging. 

Artist/Model Susan Wierzbicki with her “Water Your Garden” acrylic painting.

Artist/Model Susan Wierzbicki with her “Water Your Garden” acrylic painting.

Artist/Model Heidi Sterling’s “The Island”, oil on panel.

Artist/Model Heidi Sterling‘s “The Island“, oil on panel.

Alden Cole LoVeD Sterling’s series of wildly abstract paintings; this image is one of five of the spectacular paintings.

Artist/Model Hannah Holby’s “Fisherman - T Rex”, oil on print.  DoN LoVeS dinosaurs!!!

Artist/Model Hannah Holby’s “Fisherman – T Rex“, oil on print.  DoN LoVeS dinosaurs!!!

Artist/Model Hannah Taylor’s “Leelo”, oil on canvas.  Is this super-pop or what!?!

Artist/Model Hannah Taylor’s “Leelo“, oil on canvas.  Is this super-pop or what!?!

Artist/Model Rob Willis’ “Quiver”, mixed media.

Artist/Model Rob Willis‘ “Quiver“, mixed media.

Charcoal drawings by Rob Willis.

Charcoal drawings by Rob Willis.

Rob Willis (with nephew) won first prize for his full body of work at The Plastic Club’s The Model Artist Show.

Rob Willis (with nephew) won first prize for his full body of work at The Plastic Club’s The Model Artist Show.

The exhibit is on display in the Camac Street gallery through August 24th – go see it!