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Envisioning Romeo & Juliet @ The Da Vinci Art Alliance

Romeo & Juliet


An awards exhibition by members of Da Vinci Art Alliance, in collaboration with International Opera Theater, of art inspired by Shakespeare’s tragedy and IOT’s interpretation, a new opera Romeo e Giulietta, directed by Karen Saillant, with music by Emily Wong, libretto by Tommaso Sabbatini, costumes/sets by Mi-Kyoung Lee, world premiered in Teatro degli Avvaloranti, Citta’ della Pieve, Italy, in August 2008.


Da Vinci Art Alliance members interpret the Shakespearean play with paintings, collage, objet trouve and prints.  Above is Lilliana Didovic’s mixed media piece incorporating red fabric the singers use to evoke emotion; Karen Saillant gave a wonderful lecture at the alliance explaining how she selected singers based on their ability to interact expressively with the fabric.  Here a sweet love notion , like a candy heart box drenched in red.


Awards Judges: Karen Saillant and Mi-Kyoung Lee, International Opera Theater.  Lee designed the costumes and is a UArts alum -Holla!


Romeo & Juliet


First prize winner, Rachel Citrino‘s, expressive mixed media installation is wildly bold, intefrating new technology with a special red color.


Romeo & Juliet


June Blumberg, “Romeo and Juliet in Love“, Pitt Pen.


Romeo & Juliet


3rd place winner, Francine Strauss, expanded the blue – a visual metaphor the opera employs to convey a change in mood – by repurposing her own old prints into a new collage.


Romeo & Juliet


Ted Warchal, 2nd prize – Dr. Deb Miller explained the metaphor of the coffin/cigar box conveniently branded Romeo Y Julietta.


A special surprise during the awards was an acapella performance of songs from the Italian opera by Elias Hendricks – Romeo – which had everyone in tears, a great artist in blossom.  Artistic director Karen Saillant of the International Opera Theater is searching for an appropriate Philadelphia venue after the successful production world premiered in Teatro degli Avvaloranti, Citta’ della Pieve, Italy, in August 2008.

In Your Dreams – Art in City Hall

In Your Dreams

In Your Dreams
June 11 – September 11, 2009
50 Philadelphia artists showcase work related to dreams.  Juried by the Art In City Hall Exhibitions Committee. 2nd and 4th floors, NE corner.  Art in City Hall has been offering public art shows for more than 20 years, displaying work in large display cases, the ongoing exhibition is usually theme-based with the current show focused on dream imagery juried by a panel of professional artists.  The exhibition features drawing (Justin Duerr is the bomb), fantastical jewelry by Christine Alaniz, photography by Morris Klein and Julia Blaukopf, paintings by Patricia Burns and Anne Caramanico, sculptures by Brujo De La Mancha, mixed media and books.  The strength of the show is the acceptance of many forms of art to visualize and share such deeply personal experiences.

Display case two clockwise: DoN Brewer, Shell Game, scanner/Photoshop collage, Brujo De La Mancha, mixed media painting and sculptures, Kathryn Johnston, Saturation, mixed media collage.

In Your Dreams

Alex Cohen.  This painting seems to tell an entire dream story with a beginning, middle and end.

In Your Dreams

Angela Washko, “Imposter”, oil on canvas – the large painting highlights confusing imagery of bunnies confronting a slipper demonstrating the duality of dreams where friendly subjects take on menacing behaviors.

In Your Dreams

 Tanya Dodd, The Right Track, photography and mixed media.  Not all dreams are strange, some are dreams of escape and finding the route to happiness, security and freedom.

In Your Dreams

 Artist Tanya Dodd recently had a solo show at The African American Museum.

In Your Dreams

DoN Brewer with Morris Klein’s digital photograph “Daydreaming“, DoN Brewer‘s digital photo “light being (Edward Hopper)” and DoN Brewer’s digital photo”hole” @ Art in City Hall, Philadelphia.  Photo by Les Howard.

Philadelphia City Hall is a spectacular venue for art with every detail of the building designed to the max – sculpture, painting, wood, marble, gold – it is an honor to have art displayed in such a great historic space; a dream come true.

We Belong Together – Yale MFA Photography @ Gallery 339

Yale MFA @ 339

Justin Leonard Broken Window, York, AL, 2008 .  “…where the action of the camera stops and smears simultaneously the forms it describes.”  In this landscape, Leonard uses the camera as a paintbrush, with no plan, intentional mistakes, restrained color palette and askew composition.

Yale MFA Photography @ Gallery 339

Catharine Maloney, Flower and Joe, “This series of work is about movement, gesture and having men who are skinny take their shirts off for me.”

The Yale MFA Photography 2009 show at Gallery 339 is on view through the end of August – if you have never visited this showcase of cutting edge fine art photography, now is the time to investigate what, as one artist put it, “the current generation” of the photographers.

Congratulations to Sarah Stolfa on the publication of her book, The Regulars, by Artisan books.

Angela Lackey @ Fishtown Airways Gallery

Angela Lackey @ Fishtown

Angela Lackey is a great observer, she paints contemporary landscape-like images from her memory and imagination.  Morphing the reality of what she sees into a framework of her own image language, a sense of corporeality is infused into the paintings like remembering a place you’ve been.  Applying her secret formula to small and large surfaces, each painting is evocative of a time and place.


The Fishtown Airways Gallery is a wonderful space to show art with high long walls painted a buttery tone and large windows facing oncoming traffic on a corner of East Girard Avenue – great exposure and really friendly people.  Maryanne took DoN on a tour of a soon to open authentic ice cream parlor down the block, authentic counter with pink & gray formica and cool pics of Philly music legends line the walls.  The neighborhood vibe is family oriented, it’s cool that an art gallery is part of the infrastructure.


Angela Lackey @ Fishtown Airways


Angela Lackey & DoN @ Fishtown Airways Gallery, June 1st Friday.  Photo by Peter Prusinowski.

A Room A Loom – Luren Jenison & Julia Sherman @ Workspace

A Room A Loom - Luren Jenison & Julia Sherman @ Workspace

A Room A Loom


DoN spoke with Luren Jenison about this interesting interactive project ongoing @ Workspace, 319 North 11th Street; the entire room is converted into a giant loom, guests are encouraged to participate with the materials at hand or schedule time to stop by and weave for a while.  You can bring your own stuff to weave, when the large fabric is complete it will be combined with other loomed pieces created in other spaces – so temporal and time-trippy.