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David Guinn @ Tiger Strikes Asteroid – N4TUR3

David Guinn @ Tiger Strikes Asteroid

David Guinn is a well known muralist, his wall compositions usually include animals.  The four paintings of birds Guinn is showing at Tiger Strikes Asteroid @ 319 North 11th draw on his ability to communicate with a broad audience yet be intimate and attentive.  These paintings seem to have a built in soundtrack, by painting punctuation marks in amorphous thought bubbles the birds speak; DoN could almost hear the silence in the painting of the snow owl.  By now, David is in Montreal working on a mural with artist collaborator Phillip Adams.

Tiger Strikes Asteroid

Misako Inaoka, Red Berries (Red Bird), mixed media @ Tiger Stikes Asteroid.

Other artists in the N4TUR3 show @ Tiger Stikes Asteroid include Regin Igloria, Jackie Hoving, Thomas Vance and Beth Brandon – the TRON-ified nature images in this compelling collection of paintings, drawings and constructions depict a dystopian world view with brightly colored mutants, talkative birds and aggressive recombinant objects from the future.

Philadelphia Sketch Club Members Show Party @ Newman Galleries

Newman Gallery

Being able to show work in Newman Gallery is a major perk of membership in the Philadelphia Sketch Club, it’s difficult to express the feeling of honor of seeing one’s work shown in a real art gallery.  The art party is wonderful social event with many of Philadelphia’s finest artists attending the afternoon receptionleaving a window of opportunity to see the Art on Rittenhouse Square and Church of the Holy Trinity shows.  DoN was practically on art overload – such a wealth of riches to observe, absorb and consider.

Philadelphia Sketch Club Members Show @ Newman Galleries

Philadelphia Sketch Club Member Exhibition @ Newman Galleries.

Charles Cushing

Charles Cushing @ The Philadelphia Sketch Club at Newman Galleries (detail).

Clif Anderson @ Newman Gallery

Clifton Anderson @ Newman Galleries Philadelphia Sketch Club exhibition.

Clif Anderson @ Newman Gallery

Mixed media by Clif Anderson.

Philadelphia Sketch Club Members Show @ Newman Galleries

Piety Choi, “Mystical Encounters”, oil.


Photographs by DoN Brewer with

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Photo Op Op Op

The Hopkins House Gallery of Contemporary Art’s “Photo Op Op Op” presented their first all photography show with a collection of fine examples of how many ways photography can be utilized and interpreted from pin-hole camera to digital layering.  The old stone house on the Cooper River consistently presents outstanding shows, this time taking the “op”portunity to “op”timize the”op”tical observation of reality as mediated through photographic technology.  Melissa Panter created cyanotypes on wood by mixing emulsion with gesso, Ben Panter uses overlapping exposures to create unreal landscapes only visible if you swivel your head plus other creative takes on image-making by photographers Thomas Camp, Annette Defe, Ken Hohning, Christy Higgins, Emily Lash, Jeremy Niedt, Clarence j. Guienze and Sharon Harris.

Mellisa Panter

Melissa Panter @ Hopkins House Contemporary Art Gallery with her cyanotype mixed media.

Mellisa Panter

Melissa Panter, “Death and Sainthood“, cyanotype and mixed media.

Ben Panter

Photographer, Ben Panter with his panoramic landscape created with up to 30 shots then exquisitely mixed into a visual impossibility.

Photo Op Op Op

Annette Defeo, “No Maybe Yes“.

Photo Op Op Op

 Jeremy Niedt @ Hopkins House Photo Op Op Op.


DoNArTNeWs has been getting a record number of visitors even though DoN has been busy with art instead of blogging:

  • Philadelphia Sketch Club Members show @ Newman Gallery 6/6
  • Workshop Show 6/6 @ The Plastic Club
  • Photographic Society of Philadelphia @ Penn Medicine at Rittenhouse
  • Art in City Hall’s In Your Dreams DoN has three pieces in the show, 6/11 – 9/11, 2009.
  • DoN is now a Board Member of The Philadelphia Sketch Club & member of Exhibitions Committee – this past weekend we installed Phillustration ’09, a great selection of the art of illustration by Philadelphia area artists, June 12 – 27, 2009, Reception & Awards, Sunday, June 14th, 2 – 4 PM., chaired by Rich Harrington.
  • Completion of new website for neo-expressionist artist Alecia D’Alonzo DoN LoVeS the final version.
  • New website & blog in process for NUVISIONS for Disabled Artists.

DoN has plans to visit Tiger Strikes to see David Guinn’s paintings, new photos @ Gallery 339, Fishtown Airways new show, the Romeo & Juliet show @ Da Vinci Art Alliance and more.

DoN Brewer “light being (Chink)” @ Penn Medicine

DoN Brewerlight being (Chink)” @ Penn Medicine at Rittenhouse.

DoN Brewer “In Your Dreams” Art  in City Hall

Shell Game“, scanner/Photoshop collage by DoN Brewer @ Art in City Hall’s – In Your Dreams – reception 6/11.

DoN Brewer @ Newman Gallery

DoN Brewer‘s Philadelphia from Bartram’s Garden, panoramic photograph @ Newman Gallery.

Work by Disabled Artists on Display & Sale at Moss Rehab

by KYW’s Karin Phillips
A show and sale of art by professional artists living with disabilities is on display for three more weeks at an Elkins Park rehabilitiation center.

The artwork goes on and on, up and down the hallways of Moss Rehab in Elkins Park, representing many media. Cliff Anderson (photo) – a local musician and artist who has lived with polio for decades – has submitted work for years – this year, a nude and a still-life of a fading flower:
I’m emphasizing the color and the excitement in color, almost as in a note or chord in music.
Lois Levy, director of the All About Art show, says there are 40 new artists this year:
“It’s a very competitive show, it continues to be, which means a lot of the artists who get in know that and they feel they’ve accomplished something if even just one piece is accepted into our show.”
Clif Anderson @ Moss Rehab Art Shoe


(Photo by KYW’s Karin Phillips)