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Castles Made of Sand

Sanding Ovations, DoNArTNeWs

Sanding Ovations, Treasure Island, Florida

DoN was reading the art blog on the Huffington Post and came across a story about a sand castle artist.  DoN attended the Sanding Ovations Sand Castle competition on Treasure Island, Florida in November 2011 and was impressed by the high content level of the sand castles created with such lowly materials.  Sand castles is a misnomer because the artist’s create sculpture out of a difficult and ephemeral material.  DoNArTNeWs abandoned the story as vacation pics and not Philadelphia Art related, but it was a really good show, very competitive and extraordinarily creative.  And if Huff Post can cover sand sculpture art, so can DoN.

Sanding Ovations sand sculpture contest, DoNArTNeWs

The metaphors and memes are just all over this category of sculpture from fading beauty to art as play to time conquers all.  The term sand castle just blows up with memories of childhood beach days.  Sanding Ovations exposes art to the community in a fun, understandable if confounding way and creates an experience design that’s inspiring to kids and adults.

Sanding Ovations sand sculpture contest, DoNArTNeWs

First Place Prize and Sculptors Award Winner at Sanding Ovations.

The sand castle metaphor is apropos for artists who have to pull together disparate elements creating an object like a painting to be accepted by the community as a work of art.  Like herding cats, DoN chases after elusive grants, competes for wall space in art shows, makes new art, visits art shows, writes and promotes daily, constantly developing the DoN brand.  The sand castle DoN is working on now includes this blog, Contributing Writer to Side Arts, a tech start up, Philly based company, offering an excellent web presence for artists and DoN is near completion of a new book about Lilliana Didovic based on her art and the reviews DoN has published on DoNArTNeWs and Side Arts.

Karen M commented she hadn’t seen DoN around much lately, he’s been building sand castles and the wind and the waves slow his progress.  But, today The Philadelphia Sketch Club and The Plastic Club have openings with an abundancce of art and artists, last night DoN experienced Kile Smith’s, Vespers with Piffaro the Renaissance Music Band and The Crossing at Old Saint Joe’s Church in Old City – there’s another show today, if you can get tickets, the music, singing and orchestration is transcendental.  Talk about castles made of sand, about forty singers and musicians come together and produce an hour of spectacular beauty that wafts away on the breeze like a sand castle erodes from the weather.

View a clip from the Vespers premier in 2008, DoNBrewerMultimedia on YouTube.


Photographs by DoN Brewer shot with

Kodak Digital Cameras


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