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Hayley Tomlinson at Prelude Gallery

Hayley Tomlinson, One Accolade I Must Achieve To Become A Successfully Working Artist, digital print featuring a hand made ribbon at Prelude Gallery, January 13th, 2nd Friday in Center City.

DoN asked Hayley Tomlinson about the eclectic collection of art objects she’s showing at Prelude Gallery including photography, prints, fiber and needle-work.  “Im interested in everything.  I do some blogging on Tumblr and what I really like is looking at the images on Tumblr and seeing what is trending?  What are people interested in?”  Giggles. “What I think about is, how can I capitalize on that and how can I gain popularity and become more well known.  But, also I kind of just think when I make things wouldn’t it be funny if I just made this.  Like I made a drawing of a toilet in a forest of birch trees.”  Giggles.  “I thought it was funny because I hate the thought of having to go to the bathroom in the woods but I guess if there are toilets in there but then I guess I‘d be OK.”

I think about things I desire and things I fear like how can I be a better artist?  And how can I be a more successful well known artist which is what the photographs are about.”  DoN noted the portraiture with ribbons and how they stand out.  “There are four ribbons First, Second, Third and Honorable Mention.  These two are Third Place and Honorable Mention, I think they’re the two photographs that have been most successful and most successfully represented my Adobe Photoshop skills.  I was thinking, I‘m in Philadelphia and what do I need to do in Philadelphia to be more well known.  And one is being featured on the art blog.  And that ended up happening.  I had an article on the art blog and they showed that photograph.  The other photograph is about the blog Tumblr which I think is very important for contemporary art, especially young people in art.  People see my work on Tumblr and really respond to it, then that will really help me get my name out.”

Hayley Tomlinson at Prelude Gallery

Hayley Tomlinson, 627 Reblogs on Tumblr, handmade ribbon with photograph at Prelude Gallery.

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Kodak Easyshare Z981

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