A Evaristo Carriego

A Evaristo Carriego, Edelia Gonzalez, DancePhiladelphia Argentine Tango. Since we were celebrating Edelia’s birthday, she requested the song, a famous Argentine Tango dance with it’s own song.

DancePhiladelphia Argentine Tango is hosting an art show by artist Charles Cushing, an art exhibit dedicated to his trip to Beunos Aires last year. You can see the art in the background of this video. We’re working on a new video montage of the exhibit but this single shot video of the Argentine Tango Dance, A Evaristo Carriego, is divine.

This video was taken during a Friday Night Milonga, a regular dance party dedicated to Argentine Tango dancers. The people who attend the Milonga at DancePhiladelphia are so nice, the social environment is sophisticated  friendly and the music so infectious that it was hard to hold the camera steady. Thank you to all the dancers at DancePhiladelphia Argentine Tango for the enthusiast performances, especially Edelia Gonzalez and the male dancers who vied for her attention. I thought Charles Cushing was elegant and energetic when he swept his partner up in his arms. But each partner was sincere and handsomely respectful of a sensual dance experience.

“Tango, as danced in Buenos Aires, the cosmopolitan capital of Argentina, is an elegant, sensual and intensely connected dance experience. It’s been a worldwide favorite for decades, and today is riding a new wave of popularity across the generations. We’ll show you its simplicity – and its complexity. You may have seen it on Broadway, but you can do it too.” – DancePhiladelphia

Regular Argentine Tango Dance Parties held at our 1315 Buttonwood Street Studio
Practicas every Tuesday night
Milongas every Friday night
La Milonga en Casa – 3rd Sunday of each month
Milonga La Matine First Saturday of each month

Our Friday Night Milonga has a new schedule with new classes & practica before the Milonga: Kelly or Lesley plus occasional guest instructors will be offering intermediate/advanced classes on selected topics every week.
Intermediate/Advanced Class 8:30 – 9:30 pm
Practica (free), 9:30 to 10 pm
Also at 8:30 pm: Beginners Class (free)
Friday Night Milonga, 10 pm to 2 am
1315 Buttonwood Street, Philadelphia
Int/Adv class: $5 with Milonga admission, $10 without.
Friday Night Milonga admission: $12, full time students $10
Arrivals after 12:30 AM pay 1/2 price
Beginners class always free with milonga admission. Arrivals after 12:30 a.m. pay 1/2 price.
Excellent refreshments! Great tango company! 1315 Buttonwood St, Philadelphia

About ‘A Evaristo Carriego’:

“Evaristo Carriego (Paraná, May 7, 1883 – Buenos Aires, October 13, 1912), was an Argentinepoet, best known for the biography written about him by Jorge Luis Borges.

“A Evaristo Carriego” is a world famous tango written by Eduardo Rovira, and recorded by OrquestaOsvaldo Pugliese in 1969, which made it an all time hit.” – wikipedia

A Evaristo Carriego’ The dance is a song and the song is a dance.

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