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Autism Expressed, Michele McKeoneAutism Expressed, Michele McKeone

Autism Expressed: Improving Digital Literacy” with Michele McKeone

Program Description:

Digital Literacy is an essential part of job readiness, socialization and independence. Without these skills this generation faces a critical barrier to independence.

Working to continually raise the bar on the educational landscape and level the playing field for students with disabilities, McKeone presents, consults & facilitates training to reinforce the notion that students with autism and other learning variations can achieve more. This year Autism Expressed was named winner of the Educational Services of America Prize, Startup of the Year, and appeared on the cover of Philadelphia Magazine for their innovation in special education.

Join Michele and Trainers Edge to find out how she developed the idea for Autism Expressed and brought it to life to serve not only as a catalyst for new and innovative cognitive and social development for this generation of adolescents with autism, but for everyone living in the digital age.

Would you like to learn more about how AE started and addresses digital literacy? Join Trainers Edge ASTD Philly on Saturday, May 17th to find out more. Just sign up to register

I met Michele McKeone at a Corzo Center for the Creative Economy event at University of the Arts. Her concept to use technology to help kids with autism communicate is deep and thoughtful. Michele is a real Philly N3RD, too, Autism Expressed is a home town tech start up with a great mission.

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