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DoN was invited by Debra Leigh Scott to attend an art show and poetry reading at The Enclaves ; you never heard of the Enclaves you say – DoN hadn’t either.  The Enclaves is at the intersection of Penrose & Pattison Avenues near the Platt Bridge and is a high rise development which was artistically enhanced by famed Philadelphian, Sam Maitin.

The Clubhouse @ The Enclaves.

The Clubhouse @ The Enclaves.

Wall installation by Sam Maitin @ The Enclaves.

Wall installation by Sam Maitin @ The Enclaves.

Debra Leigh Scott curated the show at The Enclaves, choosing artists from members of the DaVinci Art Alliance including works by: Estelle Carraz- Bernabei, Rachel Citrino, Lilliana Didovic, David Foss, Liz Nicklus, Robert Panzulla and Ken Tutjamnong.  DoN isn’t going to show you all the works because he wants you to take the short drive out to visit the gallery and experience an artistic environment created by our own home-grown art master, Maitin.  Enclaves developer, Philip Lindy contactedMaitin to design a space for artists by artists resulting in an exuberant, colorful design sprawling down the driveway, across the lawn, around the pool, on the walls of the clubhouse – even a bus stop so bright, fun and fabulous one could sit there and contemplate the sophisticated design without worrying about time.  

Maitin collaborated with Philadelphia architect Sam Olshin of Atkin Olshin Lawson-Bell Architects, a long-time friend, fellow artist and member of the Philadelphia Sketch Club.The Enclaves hosted an exhibition of the late Sam Maitin’s works for more than two years when Debra took on the task of making the gallery a living memorial to art and artists; the second show was Nicole and Gary KoenitzerMCOPA held the next show, the current show is DaVinci Art Alliance artists and this Fall will be Mystical Expressions (hmmm – sounds interesting especially since Debra is scouting work with sublime experiential not religious themes, seeking soul healing through art and spirituality).

Wednesday evening not only did DoNShoshana and Alden Cole experience fine modern art (we literally oooed and ahhhed over Liz Nicklus‘ extravagent mixed media constructs), the gallery hosted Voices on the Road to Rebirth, a poetry series hosted by BLAM.  DoN interviewed Adam Meora, BLAMs main man and discovered that there are monthly open mic nights at The Set Table in East Falls which combine poetry and performance with community service such as raising funds for Rubye’s Kids ,a charitable organization providing services to further the social, emotional and educational welfare of underpriviledged kids.  The evening featured Mel Brake, Lynn Blue, Gabrielle Caswlla aka Dragoness, Jen Kramny, Adam Meora, Tamara Oakman, Yolanda Wisher, Joshua skinner, and Rick Szybowski.  DoN videotaped almost the entire performance and clips will appear soon on YouTube and on DoN‘s blog DoNArTNeWs.  You can listen to Lynn Blue on blogtalkradio.

Lilliana Didovic @ The Enclave.

Lilliana Didovic @ The Enclave.

DoN asked Didovic about the inspiration for her sci-fi Philadelphia landscapes, her response, “Philadelphia saved my son’s life.”  The Didovic family escaped the war in Bosnia in 1992 and found a new life here and the Philadelphia medical community has been essential to the health of her beautiful 19 year old son.  Didovic’s exuberant acylic paintings are offset by glowing gold frames creating fascinating modernist landscapes.  DoN first discovered Didovic at the F Word show at the Smile Gallery and LoVeS that she has developed her artistic expression in Philly.Lilliana Didovic @ The Enclave.

Lilliana Didovic @ The Enclave.

David Foss @ The Enclave.

David Foss @ The Enclave.

DoN chatted with David Foss over coffee and luscious coconut cake about his inspiration; Foss’ intention is to evoke an emotional response in viewers through color –  the splashy, drippy, blobby mixed media paintings do just that – taking the viewer to another world whether it’s outer space or the inner mind.  Trippy!!!David Foss’ Healing Wheel @ The Enclave.

David Foss‘ Healing Wheel @ The Enclave.

Robert Panzullo @ The Enclave.

Robert Panzullo @ The Enclave.

Robert Panzullo @ The Enclave.

Robert Panzullo @ The Enclave.

DoN is a Dali fan and LoVeS that an artist as talented as Panzullo is a surrealist, the group of paintings on display in The Enclave Gallery are awesome.

Liz Niklus @ The Enclave.

Liz Niklus @ The Enclave.

Liz Niklus @ The Enclave.

Liz Niklus @ The Enclave.

Liz Niklus @ The Enclave.

Liz Niklus @ The Enclave.

Rachel Citrino @ The Enclave.

Rachel Citrino @ The Enclave.

Ken Tutjamnong @ The Enclaves.

Ken Tutjamnong @ The Enclaves.

Tutjamnong is the owner of Smile Gallery and Restaurant, this emotional painting perfectly complimented the soul baring poetry performed by the BLAM poets.  The show is up through 6/14, DoN recommends you take the short drive to the Enclaves asap.  

The Davinci Art Alliance opens a new exhibit – Envisioning Othello, curated by Deb Miller – June 7 – 29 featuring works by Alden Cole, Lilliana Didovic, David Foss, Ted Warchal and many more. The awards reception is 6/7 6-9PM.

Thursday DoN worked on his painting entry for the Philadelphia Sketch ClubArtist and Poet show; DoN created a painting to accompany the lyric to Philly rocker,Henry Martin‘s, poignant Column of Light.  

DoN was awarded a spot for his digital photograph, light being (Dora & Pablo), in the Off the Wall Gallery at Dirty Franks’ Digital Art show – cool!  The opening reception will take place Thursday, June 5, from 7 to 10 PM – let’s PARTY!  

DoN’s “light beings show continues at The Beauty Shop Cafe through 6/14 – please stop by and have coffee with DoN.

Last poetry comment – DoN has been assisting with the development of the Philadelphia Sketch Club’s soon to launch new website being developed by the Arts and Business Council volunteer Geeta.  DoN got his start in the Philly art scene by volunteering with the Council, especially Piffaro, the Renaissance Music Band, with whom he has worked for 10 years now (currently Piffaro is recording a new album of English renaissance music).  DoNBarbara Murray and Geeta were frustrated by glitches in the new PSC site but DoN reminded the team that, “Code is Poetry.”



All photography by DoNBrewerMultimedia Photography. 

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